NEW Webzine For The Muslim American Woman

Last week I came across Layali, a new online magazine and weekly blog catered to the Muslim American Woman. It set to launch on June 15, 2013. It will be free and open to the public on a quarterly basis. Layali has an open invitation to Muslim woman writers from diverse backgrounds to write from religion to fashion. 

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photo credit: Layali

We particularly enjoy and agree to their slogan. “Growth doesn’t happen over one night, but over many.”  Layali looks prepared to cover many life areas of the Muslim woman. We look forward to their launch.

"Our community of Muslimahs in the U.S. is diverse, intelligent, beautiful, creative and fabulous.  Since we have such a powerful and growing community of Muslim women, we are utilizing our resources and creating a platform to help Muslim ladies in our community communicate, express and learn from one another."

What other online magazines do you read?

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