Inspiring Muslim Women

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Sometimes it's just being you and the things you do in your everyday life that inspires others. At least that is what I believe in my heart. These are everyday inspirational women.

Emirati junior figure skater Zahra Lari performs during the figure skating European Cup on April 12, 2012 in Canazei, northern Italy. 17-year-old Lari becomes the first Emirati figure skater to compete in an international competition with skaters from 50 countries taking part in the European Cup from April 9 to 13. (Photo by Andrea Solero/AFP/Getty Images)

These are answers from participants in the iloveModesty Giveaway. We love them so much, that we always want to keep them as reminders and share them with all our blog visitors:-)

Samooda Shaban-Omar I love modesty because it let's the world know that you can be beautiful with out going out uncovered :) elhamdulilah for modesty. 

Fazia Mohammed I love modesty because I am obeying Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala (24:31-32) and His beloved Prophet Muhammed sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam in this beautiful deen. 

Sumz Mt I love modesty because it makes me feel content and happy that I am obeying Allah as well as the fact that it makes me feel safe.. 

Asmaa Abdellatif I love modesty because it preserves my beauty for my mahrams, and I love my hijab because it tells the world that I'm a Muslim and I'm proud. 

Nida Khan i love modesty because it will lead me to Jannah.Prophet SAW said modesty is good. Hijab is my protection from na mehrams.i get respect because of it. 

Luma Peci Neziri because is the modesty 4 women,and to obey allah subhanahu we taala. 

Noreen Mir I love modesty because it makes me feel closer to Allah (SWT). 

Amani Deen I love modesty because I love my Lord, Allaah swt and would do anything to please Him! :) 

Shanaz Ahmed i love modesty because its a simple way of life x 

D Blue Murrell I love modesty because I control who sees my beauty, alhamdulilah!

Manar Salhab I love modesty because the Quran teaches us how to be modest. Many muslim girls also show how to be modest and fashionable a lot more nowadays which is great! We show that even though we wear the scarf, it does not restrict us and that way we are battling the stereotypes that people try to pit against us. Modesty is what makes a muslim, a muslim. It's the way of life and when you are modest, you feel secure, safe, & have a great relationship with Allah.

Laila Abidi i love modesty because it's beung a respectful muslim girl

Donya Tageldin-Terrian I love modesty because it projects a sense of self that is not constricted by my outer image but rather on qualities such as intelligence, compassion, strength and faith.

Maria Victoria Al-Rhayel I LOVE MODESTY BECOUSE .... I feel respectful , beautiful and proud to be muslim ♥ ♥

Rebel With a Cause
In Saudi Arabia, the number of women in the workforce has nearly tripled since 1992, according to a study by consulting firm Booz & Company. But the number is still low for the region: The female participation rate in the Saudi workforce is 14 percent, compared with 59 percent in the United Arab Emirates. Saudi culture doesn’t make it easy for women to work. A male guardian must give permission if a woman wants to get a job. Hayat Sindi (Saudi innovator) hopes she can help change that.

Hayat Sindi
Sindi is known in scientific circles for her “social innovation,” as she calls it, such as co-founding a group at Harvard to develop a new technique for using tiny, cheap slips of paper and a drop of blood or saliva to diagnose liver disease, and perhaps eventually AIDS—potentially replacing costly lab tests. The technology, while still being tested, has the potential to save lives across the developing world.

“Scientists need to think about society,” says Sindi. “They need to think outside the box.”

Her achievements are remarkable considering the roots of her own academic career in Saudi Arabia, a place where women famously are forbidden to drive a car, date men, and—until last month at least— more here.

"I look up to a sister in Islam. She isnt my biological sister, I met her in a halaqa. She wasnt pious before but now MashAllah she changed a lot. She is the main speaker in a halaqa and the amount of knowledge she has is amazing. I would want to be like her inshallah, if Allah gives me the hidayah. She spends the whole day acquiring Islamic knowledge, preparing lectures for halaqas, attending/listening to lectures. Not even a single minute does she leave without performing an act of ibadah. mashallah raised to infinity:D"  -  Fouzia Farah Bint Zafar

Asiyah, wife the of the pharaoh. She remained strong and loyal to Allah and her beliefs, no matter what. Her iman was so strong subhanallah, she was alone and she faced death but she was faithful. I want to be like her someday, I want to be strong like her even though things have been tough since I reverted I wanna give dawah in Mexico one day, inshallah."  -  Alheli Sg

My Mother, because she always accepted me no matter what I do. She supported me in my decision to convert, even though she wasn't convinced and still showers me with love everyday while sticking up for me against anyone. She is proud of me, and taught me to love everyone unconditionally, go after my dreams no matter what anyone says, and most of all to give back to people around me. :)  -  Autumn Dahy

My Mom ♥.. She didn't teach me how to live ..rather she showed me!! :) Alhumdulillah! May Allah bless her with the best in this world and hereafter!  -  Unaiza Faiz

 "i look up to my big sister. she is both motivated in this life to do well in her studies and in the next, attain jannah. maa sha Allaah she inspires me in new ways everyday ♥   -  Qorsha Abdi

"As cliche as it may sound, my mom. But there is nothing cliche about my mom, because mashallah she is like no other. She came to America on her own with just a suitcase and her into dental school, became a dentist, got married, had two wonderful kids, became a widow, managed to keep her business, work day and night, manage to keep her kids in school, pushed them to succeed and go to college. In the mean time she kept to her deen, Islam, taught us how to pray, made sure we went to islamic schools so we can learn arabic and Islam..and till this day mashallah she is still going at it, being a fulltime mother father and dentist...till we get our own careers and are able to stand on our own to feet to tackle this dunya. Alhamdulilah, May Allah give her the strength and Iman to keep going...and Inshallah one day Ill be able to return the favor and take care of her as she took care of my brother and I....sigh, i just teared a little while typing this."  -  Hanan Selim

"My kids, through them I have learned to be excited about the little things. They teach me every day is full of wonder , the simpliest pleasures are always the best, and how to love unconditionally , especially my daughter Aleena, one of the sweetest kindest people I know."  -  Rema Shuman

"The Prophet Muhammed(PBUH)...because he was the most perfect, wonderful and amazing human being to ever walk the face of this Earth. He is the best example and he has taught us SO much about life. I aspire to be more like him inshallah."  -  Hafsa Ebrahim

"Who do I look up too, this is gonna sound Cheesy but my friends who are Muslim on facebook, You included. Many answers to my questions, many things I should know, have occurred here. This has been my first guide and my first teachers. Then of course the wonderful Sisters I have met here, MashAllah, have been so very helpful in guidance and direction and encouragement. Thanks to each of you."  -  Chere Towe

"The person I look up to is my 5-year-old son. His kindness in dealing with his little sister (who is smack in the middle of the terrible 2's) teaches me to deal with patience with the difficult people in my life. His countless who's, what's, and why's teaches me to look at the world with bright shiny eyes. His eyes that fill with tears when spoken to roughly teaches me to speak gently and (try) not to raise my voice. May Allah swt always keep him on the Straight Path, Ameen."  -  Khadija Husain

"My Mother, she lost her own mom when she was just 14 and lived alot of hardships in her life and had to be like a mother to her other 5 siblings at that young tender age. Her strength and reliance on Allah swt throughout her life has given me the inspiration to be the best woman i can be and to always turn to Allah whenever i feel that life has let me down. She raised me with the values of never judging others because only Allah knows what hardships each person is living and to always be grateful for all the blessings we possess. She taught me early on about the beauty of modest woman and the pride i should have to be a follower of Allah swt. She has ingrained in me every good thing that i am today and I hope i can be half the mother and woman and believer that she is...May Allah grant her the highest position Jannah, amen."  -  Tas E-a

"My mother, she is the perfect example of a woman that I want to be, she is a friend, a wife and a mother and acts accordingly to each thing in the simplest of manners, she tells me the right and wrong of the world, she guides me through all my challenges, she is there for me when i need her and is always willing to wipe my tears, as a wife, i have always seen her respect my father and never once spoken against him, she respects him and loves him with her whole heart, as a friend she is always there to help and be the shoulder when needed. To me my mother is everything i want to be and so she is the one woman i look up to :)  -  Rohma Malik

 My husband because if it wasn't for him I wouldn't have understood islam like I am now & if it wasn't for him I would be lost in this life instead of the hands of allah."  -  Samooda Shaban-Omar

"Ever since I started practising islam, the Prophet SAWs wife Khadija AS has always been in my heart! Who says women can't be successful in business and still family and deen orientated! The way she was with her husband the Prophet pbuh in his hardship, a true love story, every girls dream! Beautiful inspiration! MashaAllah! And inshaAllah one day for all us muslimahs!x " -  Soniaa Ghafoor

"Sumaya Bint Al-Khayat (Radhia Allahu Anha), the first martyr in the History of Islam ♥
How I wish to have an inch of all the faith and taqwa she much courage she had to have to face the ill treatment she under went whilst never ever giving up on allah SWT it's so amazing... she was a true martyr of Islam and died for Allah as a mu'minah alhumdulilah"  -  Emma Jane Em Zakariya

"my husband coz if it wasent for him, i will never get the chance to know this beautiful religion and i will miss the chance to become a muslim .. ♥  -  Maria Victoria Al-Rhayel

"My mom because along with bringing me into this world and teaching me about islam, she is also the epitome of a muslimah living in the 21st century, where it is easy to forget about Allah (swt) but she hasn't. I aspire to become like her one day inshAllah."  -  Sultana Ahmed

"My mother she always pushed her children to do better and did anything to benifit us "  -  Neata Washington

i look up to my husbands mother. Shes a proud muslimah,hijabi.shes a loving ,caring woman. Shes steadfast in the deen. Never misses a prayer or a fast,even when travelling. If i could get to old age and be like that would be a blessing from Allah." -  Safiya Erin Guclu

"my cousin and best friend at the same time because she is so strong, goal-oriented and always steadfast untill she reaches her goal. At the same time she is the best comforter and listener to any sort of people and will tell you what you need in that moment without being dishonest - totally insightfull but wise!"  -  Nazima Catic MrKulic

"My sister...through barriers of struggles and obstacles she defined the definition all women kind by keeping collective. I would not be half the person I am in my shoes!"  -  Kiki Aguilera

"My Mum because if it wasnt for her i wouldnt be the muslimah i am today. I miss her so much"  -  Aarifah Keema Lyons


"My parents. They said "we are not muslims nor anyone else in this state, but wear your hijab with pride, it's your identity. Don't let other people's words get to you, don't be hurt if they stare at you or make bad comments about Islam. If they call you terrorist, give them your best smile and be happy because your obedience is pleasing Allah. Be strong".  -  Alheli Sg

"My best friend, because she was the only one who didn't judge me when I took off my hijab. She believed that my heart would come around soon when I was ready to do it for the right reasons. She was right, and I put it back on soon afterwards just as she predicted. Without her unconditional acceptance and understanding of how hijab affects your heart, I might not have accepted and loved hijab. I'm glad I had her because all of the judgement received after that was harsh and hurtful when I was very young and just had converted."  -  Autumn Dahy

"I think dawud wharnsby Alis nasheed pinpointed the hijab ' is an act of faith, the symbol for all the world to see, a simple cloth to preserve her dignity."  -  Amna Khan-Gazge

"Wear it for the sake of Allaah and keep your intentions sincere."  -  Qorsha Abdi

"The Hijab is what will free you, because people will see you for who you really are..based on your thoughts, words, and actions...and not for your looks. They will look at you with greater respect......this out of the topic, but I always get shocked reactions from people when they hear me speak english with no accent, or when I get a question right in's like they think Hijabi's are deprived of a social life, and arent given the right to an education..."  -  Hanan Selim

"A convert once told me " We do it because Allah asked it of us, it is simple, the master planner gave us a cheat sheet to make it out of the game to the other side."  -  Rema Shuman

"My mum told me about how she started wearing it when she came back from Umrah, and how it changes you...alhamdulillah, i've wanted to wear hijab ever since"  -  Hafsa Ebrahim

"that knowing that wearing Hijab is more freedom in what I have known in years. Wearing it I just feel closer to Allah, and with a bit of time all will accept this wonderful decision I have made. inshaAllah"  -  Chere Towe

"From an islamic conference years ago, a converted sister said: "My hijab is my constant reminder that i am a muslim and that i possess a connection to my Lord simply by the fact that i am following His order with ever step and every breathe i take. It is my reminder to always be at my best behaviour and to set the best example possible for all to see. This is our Jihaad (struggle) sisters, and surely Allah has a magnificient reward for it!"  -  Tas E-a

"The advise is from my Mum "WEAR HIJAB FOR ALLAH by your heart then by your body"  -  Sousou Emna

"My mother told me "a hijab is not something you wear to conform with society, its something you wear to make you unique, to give you an identity and to truly make you the woman you will be"  -  Rohma Malik

"Definitely the best of words sent by Allah and definitely has stood in my heart! Alhamdulillah x 

'O Prophet! Tell your wives and daughters and the believing women to draw their cloaks (outer garments and veils) over their bodies. That will be better so that they will be known (as decent and respectable women) so as not to be molested. And Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful.' (Qur’├ón 33:59)."  -  Sonia Ghafoor

 "From another dear revert sister.." once you wear hijab you are a flag bearer of great is Allah?he has given us the gift of hijab as a shield in today's society to protect us... ♥  -  Emma Jane Em Zakariya

"from my husband the same day I become muslim .... ( hijab dosen't define you , it refine you ♥  -  Maria Victoria Al-Rhayel

"This came from a friend a long time ago (6-7 yrs ago), she said something along the lines of...let her wear [hijab] it when she wants to and not when she doesn't but don't force her to choose one because she might choose to never wear it again and we will be the cause of her separation from Allah (swt) If she wears it might lead her to committing to it in the near future."  -  Sultana Ahmed

"The advise that came from my Mum, she told me that hijab will protect me from the evil gaze of men and to wear it because Allah SWT commanded us muslimahs to do so."  -  Aarifah Keema Lyons 

"Lt.-Commander Wafa Dabbagh was the first member of the military to wear a hijab. Her latest challenge is battling cancer, something the busy, energetic woman treats like a bothersome cold." - Crescent of Brisbane

"The commanding officer sat me down and said 'I don't know what to do with you,' " says Dabbagh. "He had called every branch of the forces and no one had a covered Muslim woman in their ranks. I told him, 'What you see is what you get, sir. I don't drink alcohol, I don't eat pork, but I can do everything else."

"Dabbagh is used to charting her own course. She startled her family by putting on the hijab at age 15, becoming the first woman in her family to cover herself. "

Read more about her amazing struggles and blessings here.

"Linda Sarsour is a working woman, community activist, and mother of three. Ambitious, outspoken and independent, Linda shatters stereotypes of Muslim women while also treasuring her religious and ethnic heritage. She is a Palestinian Muslim American and a self-proclaimed “pure New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn!”  -  Arab American Association of New York

"...was among 10 community leaders honored at the White House Dec. 15 as “Champions of Change." -  Press and Guide

image credit: nnaac

A visually impaired teacher instructs visually impaired children on the use of a typewriter equipped with keys in Braille in a classroom at the Royal Academy for the Blind in Amman November 22, 2011. The academy, which opened last month, provides educational services to more than 150 visually impaired students, and 33 of its 109 employees are also similarly impaired. REUTERS/Ali Jarekji (JORDAN - Tags: SOCIETY HEALTH EDUCATION)

‎"I don’t believe the myth that the hijab makes men see women for our intelligence rather than our appearance, or that the hijab induces men to have greater respect for women. There is simply too much evidence to the contrary. I don’t cover to satisfy men, and utterly reject any suggestion that I should do so.

My hijab is something between my Creator and myself. It is a constant, tangible reminder that God is with me, and that has both been healing and empowering in the face of challenges and opportunities." - Raquel Evita Saraswati

via SixteenR

When asked about her Hijab by Journalists and how it is not proportionate with her level of intellect and education, she replied:

“Man in the early times was almost naked, and as his intellect evolved he started wearing clothes. What I am today and what I’m wearing represents the highest level of thought and civilization that man has achieved, and is not regressive. It’s the removal of clothes again that is regressive back to ancient times” - Noble Laurette from Yemen, Tawakul Karman

Donna Eljammal, 26yrs is Sweden's 1st women with hijab that is recruited by police. "If anything it is a reflection of the multicultural Sweden we live in today,” Eljammal, The Local.

12/18/2011  -  "The first American Muslim to compete for the United States in international competition, Ibtihaj Muhammad has made her mark on fencing without sacrificing her faith." - ESPN

Photo Credit: Emel

12/9/2011 - What is truly inspiring of a person is when they go beyond their borders to assist others. Zarinah El Amin Naeem is 32 years old and a mother of 2. Now, just by saying that we know all the work that entails to just being a mom. She is also an advocate for her community, author and owner of Niyah. Her company publishes book material and goods that inspires the soul and contributes towards the greater good of the community. You can read more about her in this article by Examiner. She has created the 2011 calender which consists of beutifully headwrapping with the intention of proceeds to help and empower young African women. Per their site," 2011 supported 10,000 Girls, an education and self-sufficiency program in Senegal."

She is currently working on the 2012-13 calender the celebrates the beauty of headwrapping by means of a photography competition called "Beautifully Wrapped". From which 13 entries will be picked and proceeds are aimed to establish a fund to open an entrepreneurial school in Sierra Leone. Read more about it at Niyah.

We feel she is a true inspiration from all sides a woman has to embody and sometimes we have to embody all those sides at the same time. Here is one question from her site that she asks which really inspired us  "Why are we doing this and how does it benefit society?"  Thank you Zarinah for bringing inspiration into our lives from your work and words!

2010, Zarinah at right, picture via Mlive

pictures via Niyah 

Do you know of an inspiring muslimah? Let us know! We would love to share her inspiration with others.