EID SERIES WEEK II: Amirah Couture

For week II of our 'Eid Dress' series, It just had to be Amirah Couture. Interesting enough over the weekend I met the lovely lady behind Amirah Couture, whose name is of course Amirah at the ICNA convention in Connecticut. I also learned that proceeds from the sales of her beautiful gowns go to help send young impoverished girls to school. Another very lovely detail is Amirah designs all her gowns and you have the option to custom make your abaya to your own specific style. I say 'no more tripping over abayas!' This is great individualized service. Of course I browsed through some of their ready-to-wear designs. Clean cuts with a touch of trend. 

So turn on that imaginative side and dive into Amirah Couture!

Would you consider Amirah Couture for your Eid dress?

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