NEW eBOOK: The Ultimate Guide To Hijab Style and Fashion by Sakeena Rashid

We had a chat with the lady behind the most awaited ebook for the Muslim fashionista! Meet Sakeena Rashid the author of The Ultimate Guide To Hijab Style and Fashion. The book includes works and exclusives from recognized Muslim ladies such as YazTheSpaz, Miss Hijabi, Mubarakah Ibrahim, Yvonne Maffei and Hujrah Wahhaj. The ebook is set to launch next week and accompanied by a massive giveaway. But, because Sweet Modesty readers are quite special, in our support to Sakeena and her ebook launch, we will choose one reader to receive her ebook along with a 'Virtual Style Makeover' by Sakeena. You're special! Just ENTER your name here.

Now, let's meet the lady of the hour and get the inside scoop on The Ultimate Guide To Hijab Style and Fashion ebook and know what is included in this massive giveaway!

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Sadeel(SM): Tell us who is Sakeena Rashid.

Sakeena Rashid: A believer. A woman who cares deeply about her family, and who is passionate about writing. I’m a mother, a sister, and daughter to the world’s best Ummie. I am a businesswoman and an entrepreneur, but most importantly I want to live a life that is pleasing to Allah. My father used to tell me “this life is just a journey, and we have to prepare ourselves to meet our creator.” Now that he is gone it is those words,  I think, that stay with me more than anything (may Allah have mercy on him and put noor on his grave). I am a woman on a journey.

A lot of the wisdom my father shared with me helps me to have a solid perspective on life. Of course, we all want to be successful, we strive to go to school and obtain degrees, and we want to have a nice house and elegant clothes; and as women we want to look and feel beautiful. However, I also know I cannot take anything that I accumulate in this life with me. So I remind myself to put effort into beautifying my soul. Reading Quran, doing those acts of ibadah (worship) that we know we should do, but that sometimes get put off do to our own backwards prioritization.

I’m driven, and I always have been. There are a lot of things I want to accomplish; so it’s late night and early mornings for me (all work, no play) J. Allah is the best of planners, and I’m looking forward to what’s next.

On the rare occasion,  I have some free time I am probably watching a food show, or cooking one of my famous homemade meals. Sometimes I even take my laptop into the kitchen so I can watch a food show while I’m cooking (laughs). I’m a foodie. I love cooking. I love watching other people cook, I read cookbooks how other people read magazines. It’s an obsession.

Two of the four hijabs from Haute Hijab added to ebook launch giveaway!

Sadeel(SM): What inspired you to author the Ultimate Guide to Hijab Style and Fashion ?

Sakeena Rashid: I’ve always had a passion for writing. I’ve written short stories, lots of poetry, and I keep a growing list of books that I hope to write someday. I used to sell hijabs online and at festivals. I’d often have sisters asking me how I wrapped my hijab and they wanted me to show them how to wrap theirs.

There is very few English language hijab style guides out there. I’ve seen so many hijab books in other languages and thought, I can do that. I did some research and decided to publish it as an e-book. After that,  I wrote an outline for each chapter, and proceeded to write the e-book.

Two “Summer Ramadan Cooking” cookbooks from Yvonne Maffei included in ebook launch giveaway.

Sadeel(SM): What is different about your ebook in comparison to other published hijab style books?

Sakeena Rashid: What differentiates my style guide from others is that there is literally something for everyone. I go over hijab styles for teens, and young girls wearing hijab for the first time. There is an entire chapter dedicated to niqabis. I also cover plus-size modest fashion, hijab styles for graduates, working hijabis, weddings, and of course Eid. And those are just a few of the chapters.

There is also a hijab tutorial for teens by YazTheSpaz which she did exclusively for the Ultimate Guide to Hijab Style and Fashion!

I’ve tried to make the e-book a truly comprehensive guide. I want to inspire sisters with new style options, and give them beneficial resources to purchase (useful and hard to find) modest fashions and accessories. Additionally, readers will get access to exclusive interviews from Miss Hijabi, YazTheSpaz, Mubarakah Ibrahim, Yvonne Maffei and Hujrah Wahhaj! They each discuss their own personal style and generously share their hijab experiences with readers.

"Another cool prize included in our ebook launch giveaway!"

Sadeel(SM): I understand there is a massive giveaway and recognized companies are showing great support. May we know what is included in the giveaway so far and how do you feel about the support you are getting from the community?

Sakeena Rashid: Yes, there is an incredible giveaway going on for the e-book launch! I wanted it to be extremely special, and I wanted to give out some amazing prizes. Here’s the list so far:

Hijab-ista – Gorgeous summer Coral Jasmine Maxi Hijab and Blue Butterfly Garden Maxi Hijab from Hijabista! Modeled by Nura. 
Nisaa Hijab House – Beautiful summer floral and solid hijabs from Nisaa Hijab House.
Silk Route - Two abayas from Silk Route’s amazing collection.
Haute Hijab - Four of their beautiful and popular hijabs.
Capsters - Two Capsters “Runner” sport hijabs.
Jannah Gifts - Dozens of items: Arms sleeves, undercaps, lace undercaps, spring hijabs, metallic sparkly hijabs, sequin beaded hijabs, hijab pins, prayer scarves…
Styled By Zubaidah - Two custom bracelets with Allah jewelry design.
Comfijab - Two comfortable and flexible Comfijab hijabs.
My Halal Kitchen - Two “Summer Ramadan Cooking” cookbooks from Yvonne Maffei.
Munawwar Beads – Four handcrafted hijab pins. 

I am ecstatic to be able to work with these amazing companies. They have been so generous with their products and helpful in getting the word out about the e-book. I’m thrilled to have received so much support from the community, and I look forward to sharing the e-book with everyone.

Sadeel(SM): And for our fun question: Chocolate or Vanilla and why?

Sakeena Rashid: No contest. Chocolate all the way! Because getting chocolate wasted is awesome.

We are really excited and looking forward to this ebook launch and we wish Sakeena the best of success! And for you special Sweet Modesty reader, don't forget to enter your name here to receive the ebook along with the 'Virtual Style Makeover' by the author. Good luck to the one lucky reader!

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