Always Make Girl Time!

Yes restaurant was the spot for my best friend and I over the holidays. They serve Thai food. Might I mention that I ordered a #5 in the scale of spiciness and after one bite, I couldn't hear anyone around me and my stomach was on fire. The waiter was kind enough to replace my meal at no charge. I have no idea who can eat that spicy, but #5 has no business being on the scale. Anyways, I really love girl time! I am sure you do to. It's such an exhilarating ritual between two friends specially if you have physically, emotionally and mentally grown up together. New friends are cool too, but there is something so special about the oldies. If you have kids, girl time is like leaving planet earth and entering an oasis for a few hours. Hey! I only say that because that was the pattern I started to read when I met up with friends who have kids. They were just a little too excited. LOL. I love them to heart! Catching up with my friend Lissette was truly a fulfilling moment. I truly do admire her very much and I thank her for always letting me be in her life. We chatted, we cried and we laughed ourselves away and we ended our journey at Julius Meinl Cafe at her choice. At the end she said something so beautiful and touching, "Thank you for letting me see that Muslims are like everyone else and they just want to practice their religion" 


Always make girl time! True friendships are not about what we can do for each other, they are about what we can share with each other.
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