Building Your Wardrobe Part I: Scarves

It's February and if you haven't made your investment fashion plan, you still have time. Ok, who really does that? Right??? How dare I ask. Well, it might sound like a boring thing to do, but it is something that really helps your wardrobe and wallet. It's a smart shopper technique.

Welcome to our Building Your Wardrobe Series!

Before you head over to the shopping part, you have to mentally prepare or you will be doomed once you walk in any shopping center.

1. Forget 'Fast Fashion'. Think: 'Investment Fashion'

2. Change your mentality on how you see fashion. See it as how designers see it; business. 

3. Whip the obedient impulsive buyer inside you to get a hold of herself. Disciple.

4.Think quality and be prepare to whip-out(plan) a bit more cash.

5. Don't be a label chaser. Identify yourself with the label. Let it represent you, not you represent the label. 

Now, we are going to have to do a bit of math. Financial planners state that the rule of thumb for women clothing budgeting is about 4-5% of what you take home after taxes. This is your beginning figure. Now, people's situations vary from person to person, so be sure all your living expenses and bills are paid first! 

Now, for the fun part! 

We will start with the most basic; Quality Scarves! Our hair needs them. If you don't have any, set aside a budget of $150. Don't runaway yet! It's worth it.

 The benefit of good quality scarves:

1. Made from quality fabric. Synthetic fabrics such as nylon and polyester are ok if it has an added technology effect for a benefit, but pure polyester is not breathable. Look for fabrics that are friendly to our bodies like silk/different type of wool types. The second best is look for a blend of natural and synthetic. Synthetic blends lowers the price. Don't get led by the brand. Do look at the tag and be sure it has a higher percentage of natural fibers over synthetic.
TIP: Remember that the weight of the scarf will allow manageability to style. So, look for lighter weights.

2. Think green. Fabric should be free from toxic-chemicals. A lot of the cheaper scarves go through chemical dying and finishes. Not body friendly. Remember the biggest organ of our body is our skin. It sucks everything into our blood system. So, look for scarves made with natural dyes and are chemical free. Natural fibers such as silk and wool are biodegradable. Synthetics are not, so be sure you dispose of them properly when replacing.

3. Hand-made. We are so eye-trained to see perfection, but that is because machines are making our clothes. Do expect imperfections.

4. You are buying into someone's talent. 

5. Some shops will benefit working women and men in less fortunate countries.

6.Also, it's more likely you will be wearing it a lot more often then all the scarves you have stashed away that you haven't worn in probably in a year and that can equate to more then the amount of $150.

 So, if you save $13 a month for 11 months you can save up for it and add quality to your wardrobe. Also, if you look for last season's item sales and sample sales, you will pay a fraction of the amount like $50. Sound better? 

Scarf by Bindya

by Global Good Partners

Fair Trade Takuma Tie-Dye Cotton Scarf
by Fashion Conscience

Stay tuned for our next segment of Building Your Wardrobe!

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