The Windy City Soles

On my family-gathering travel this past holiday season, I got to travel to, the Windy City, Chicago. The famous town known for Al Capone and the blues. I don't think I can express how much I love this city. It's classy, clean and full of underground talented artists and designer boutiques. One neighborhood you might want to stop by to get the essence feel of this city is Bucktown/Wickerpark. My first stop was City Soles. This boutique is all about supporting local and international talent, the environment, giving back in exchange of high-end quality and unique shoe designs and accessories. The shop has a cozy and rustic loft ambiance as you enter, the options are plenty and the boutique associates are friendly and knowledgeable. I did get the opportunity to chat with the manager of the store. She was very friendly and helpful with my purchase. Through-out our chat I found out she was an artist. I really loved learning that fact! It made me feel a closer connection between the boutique, its aim and the people that bring it to live everyday. It was a warming fact. So, back to my socks! I have been looking around for men's quality wool dress socks for the husband for use during these cold winter days. I found them here! They are superb in quality and really do the job in this cold weather. 

City Soles doesn't only carry local designers, but international as well ranging from Spain, Italy, Africa to South America. I learned that shoes and accessories are handcrafted. As I walked through the boutique, I couldn't help to notice at one end this container where people can drop-off their souls. I am just kidding your soles. City Soles is a drop-off location for a non-for-profit organization that collects used shoes to give to children throughout the world. You can find a drop-off location around by visiting their site Share Your Soles

 "In 1999, Mona Purdy traveled through Central America, and saw children painting tar on the soles of their bare feet so they could run a race during their village's festival. She happened to meet an American orthopedic surgeon who was visiting the village. He told Mona that if these children had shoes to wear, there would be a lot less need for him to regularly travel to the region to perform amputations of children's infected limbs."  -  Share Your Soles

You can find a wide selection of collections online aswell at City Soles.

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