10 Halal Make-up Brands We Should Try

What brought to this post was the wonder of what I am currently slapping on my face with my Chanel make-up. I am alright with the all natural stuff, I think it's just the attachment to the brands I wear that is stopping me from giving the halal a try.

"Samina Pure Makeup offers premium quality natural mineral makeup without the use of harsh chemicals, parabens, alcohol and animal products, plus we are cruelty free! We offer a complete range of mineral cosmetics for your face, eyes and lips. Our Mineral powders are made from 100% pure crushed minerals" - Samina

"OnePure has long believed that the beauty and religion need not be a conflict in our daily lives. Most skincare lines on the market today contain Haram ingredients. We believe it is possible to have skin care consisting solely of non-Haram ingredients so we collaborated with a chemist and dermatologist for two years developing and perfecting the skincare range. This also includes products that suit Arabic skin types and the extreme weather conditions our skin has to face every day."  -  OnePure

"The aim of Hussana is to introduce a Halal alternative to the current high street products. Many of which contain alcohol and other Haram ingredients from different animal parts. All of Hussana’s range contain no alcohol or animal products. The launch range consists of Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash, Moisturiser, Cleanser, Face scrub, Lip balm, Baby shampoo, Baby lotion, Baby oil and Baby bath. The range is suitable for both male and female use."  -  Hussana

Shifa Cosmetics is U.S. based. Their webpage is down for upgrade, but you can order through their FB page.

Per Cosmetic Designs Ahlam Mominm, founder of Shifa Cosmetics, states that they found a new way around glycerin. You can read more about it here

"FX mineral cosmetics was set up by three sisters looking for a fresh and new cosmetic range which would compliment individual skin tones as well establishing personality through the colours. The range encapsulates the essence of colour hence the name FusciaXtreme to celebrate the intensity of colour and to bring to the market mineral cosmetics free from animal cruelty and alcohol." - FX

"The founder of Saaf, Dr Mah Hussain-Gambles, is herself a force of nature. She first created a skin balm for her mother which quickly soothed away the condition that no other cream had touched."  -  Saaf

"All products in the natural cosmetic range are Certified Organic or Vegan, Certified Halal and Certified Cruelty Free. INIKA is committed to education in both wellness based beauty and ingredients. INIKA uses the finest Australian botanicals and pure minerals to produce makeup that cares for your skin as well as performing brilliantly. INIKA ingredients feed the skin in a soothing manner and are actually beneficial."  -  INIKA
Miranda Bond, Inika

"Miracle Halal Mineralz innovative natural makeup products aren't tested on animals, are environmentally friendly, are kind to your skin and HALAL (which means theyĆ­re permissible in Islamic faith)." - Miracle Halal Mineralz

"Each MIHRI product, produced by Muslim expert team in our own factory located Gebze Istanbul" - Mihri

"Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of Individuals who have concerns about the ingredients within skincare produce because they contain Alcohol and Animal fats (including Pork substance) in them. Halal and Organic uses alternatives to Alcohol such at Ethanol/ Ethyl and animal fats (including that from Lanolin which is a form of halal alcohol derived from animal fats and animal content such as sheep) which are heavily used within the skincare industry. Some chemicals are known to cause irritation to sensitive skin; whereas others remove natural oils from the skin which is important to keep the skin hydrated preventing dryness."  -  Halal and Organic

"It wasn’t simple to develop such a new product. “Everyone knows about Halal Food, but for Halal Cosmetics, we had to do a lot of investigation.” Halal means allowed” according to Islamic Laws, in contrast to “Haram”, which means “illegal”. Today’s consumers are more and more conscious of ingredients and production methods. Amara Cosmetics is committed to providing the finest quality cosmetics, and each of its products is certified by the Islamic Food And Nutrition Council of America (IFANCA). All of our products are manufactured and packaged in California according to the Islamic Codes of Law."  -  Amara Halal Cosmetics

Do you use any of these brands?

Remember that you can get free samples from some of the above brands.

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  1. I just wanted to introduce another US Halal Cosmetics brand: Amara Halal Cosmetics. Made in USA, Certified Halal... Huge range of collection.Please visit our website at: www.amaracosmetics.com

  2. I can go with halal skin care, but what is halal make-up? Ok, maybe if we would use it inside the house...yes, but other than than that there should be no need for halal make-up

  3. I found a halal make-up brand names Adorn. Headquarters in Australia.
    Since you can even order a sample. I find great.

  4. This is an informative article, thanks for sharing ..