Emarati, Sumayyah Al Suwadi is a digital artist and designer. I find both of her works unforgettable. Her digital art works is as interesting as her clothing designs. It also reminds me of painter Salvador Dali. Both her works represent, in my perspective, a unique dimension of Sumayyah Al Suwadi. I think it represents what we openly don't say about ourselves or maybe we just don't say because of our society norms. On another angle, I think it also represents escapsim. What do you think? 

Lady Peacock

The Ballerina

image credit: Shareena Lootah

One of her latest designs,reversible abaya.

"I don't just create my artwork for exhibitions, I create my pieces of art when I feel I need to express what's happening in my life"  -  Sumayyah Al Suwadi

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  1. Her digital images are haram and hideous...but her clothing designs are beautiful.

    1. Hello Anonymous:-) Thank you for your input. All perspectives are valid because we all come from different walks of life. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. Replies
    1. WOW! Thank you so much for stopping by:-) Actually, it is you who made my day! May Allah SWT keep blessing you with this beautiful talent you have:-) Both your works are exceptionally unique and very inspiring. Thank you again:-)