Black Fashion Week (PARIS)

Here is a lady with initiative! Designer Adama Ndiaye is the mastermind behind 'Black Fashion Week' It is the first time to debut in Paris. It was created to bring exposure to the African culture and black models that find it hard to find work, according to the newspapers. I have to agree with this because ethnic groups other then Chinese or Japansese(this is from an inside source) have a hard time getting their foot in the door. Fashion weeks monguls are too stuck on a certain type. They need to wake up, think forward and know they are not the only ones living in this planet.  On another note, I can understand the approach of the title "Black Fashion Week". It's a very strong statement, but I don't agree on the term "Black" because Africa has Egyptian, Moroccan, even white(as you might want to call it) Africans and other countries that are not completely made up of black people.  Also, not all participant designers are black. I say this because founder Ndiays states the following to Atlanta Black Star “These designs are not made by blacks for blacks,”  I can even take it to the point that I don't thing it's appropriate calling people of darker skin "black", I rather call them by their nationality. I think it sort of drags on that bad stigma set by "whites"(as they labeled themselves) who took advantage of many African descendants and so on. Anyways, that is another topic not for this post.

Here are some designers and their work during "Black Fashion Week" Per my perspective, I wish I would have seen more of the rich culture throughout Africa and less of the high-fashion stuff. I really didn't learn much of the African culture. I looked through all the designs and honestly I just think they fall between trying to be high-fashion and putting-up a show. You can see yourself here(let me know what you think), if you would like. This is from the designers point of view. As far as the models, I think they were all beautiful and healthy-looking.

Jamila Laqfir, Morocco

Jamila Laqfir showed off North African inspiration in her designs on show at Paris Black Fashion Week.

Thaula Sindi, South Africa

photo credit:

image credit: photographer Alex V

Sophie Nzinga Sy, Senagal

image credit: photographer Alex V

Below is designer Adama Ndiaye. She states to the Atlanta Black Star regarding the fabric:

“It’s an African fabric called Bazan. It’s made with cotton, and I work with women in the village to make it shine and look like leather almost. I use earrings from my ethnic group [Fulani] that we’d usually use in weddings,” Ndiaye said. “I wanted to do something to show that the dress is minimalist and European, but mixed with African earrings and turbans.

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  1. All these black models are beautiful, Thaula Sindi is looking gorgeous in this outfit of red and purple combination. Best of luck to Adama Ndiaye.