Harem Printed Leggings

Now, before anyone gets all frenzy and the haram police gives me a citation and handcuffs me, let me just say I LOVE LEGGINGS. lol and for the wifeys out there I am sure your husbands LOVE them too(on you). Now, it is my duty as a muslimah to say, I don't recommend for you to wear them infront of your non-mahrams for obvious reasons(non-one needs to see the size of bum bum), but for ourselves or the husbands, here are some options. To wear them around your mahrams as your family and friends wear them with (loose)tunics that fall far below the thighs. 

Print Leggings - Orange

What do you think about the harem style leggings?


  1. I looove the harem style ones :)

  2. these leggings are all awesome. love the first pair.

    xx Daisy


  3. I like the ones with pockets better than the other ones :). It might also be handy for wearing under those jilbabs where regular pants look bulky, I know some sisters do this. That said... they are cute on some people but not for me! Lol I guess it depends on your shape if you can pull off leggings. Also I don't really like the feeling of tight/clingy clothing in general, even if I have something over the top of it to take care of the visuals.

  4. Beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring ideas! Love your posts! Would you like to follow each other?

  5. LOL at the "haram police"

    i love leggings too! they are both comfortable and flattering but yea you are right just need to be careful about how and when we wear them !