Modest Sea Giveaway with a Surprise!

Modest Sea wants to pamper YOU, our FB and blog readers!

How? A bit about them before I tell you how. Modest Sea prides themselves to make swimwear from full coverage to moderate with also the options of mix-matching. They stand by their high-quality fabric, Acqua Zero. Basically, it is a non-wetting fabric that has very low water absorbtion, fast-drying, wrinkle resistant, and improved UV and Chlorine resistant. Read more about it here.

Now, for the fun part, how to enter!


1. Visit Modest Sea and choose your favorite swimsuit and comment below why it's your favorite. 

2. Share this on your FB, Twitter, blog or any other social platform you use. Do let me know where you shared it on your comment.(I might check-up on you..LOL)

Let's get you guys started, here are some of my faves for myself, muslim and non-muslim family and friends!






Didn't like my picks? Well, darn, pick your own by checking out more styles at Modest Sea

Even if you don't win, there will be a surprise for you at the end of the competition. So, don't swim too far!

Good luck to everyone!


  1. The Amelia is my favorite, because it's very simple, doesnt draw attention as much as the others, especially if you look to take a dip in American waters; the last thing you need is all eyes on you. However, it is very cute with the flower design and great color choice. It's also very modest, since it's not tight, and at the same time not too loose, because the last thing you need is the fabric to stick to your wet skin revealing every curve on your body. Mashallah, awesome website! That is all :)

  2. I also shared the link under my facebook account, Hanan Selim

  3. i love the Amelia one firstly because its so simple and attractive and secondly because you like it :)
    i have shared your link on facebook page that is called wisdom quest :)

  4. Lauren is definately my favourite swim suit! I find it classy and sophisticated and not bulky or loud. I'm a very outdoorsy person and love camping and being outside, something like this wouldn't inhibit me from enjoying the sun with my family. Being a new convert to Islam and hijab I hope to find innovative ways of being a Muslimah still doing a lot of the things I love!

    JazakAllah Khair!

    1. As salamu Alaykom BeautifulDeen, you are the winner of this giveaway courtesy of Modest Sea. Im sure you will find it beneficial in your new phase of life. Congratulations sis! Please email me your contact info so I may forward it to Modest Sea and you are able to get your swimsuit. Thank you for participating:-) - Love, Sadeel

  5. Emma is my favorite by far! I love the bright colors and the sleek design. The bright strips are enough to keep it interesting without being too loud. I have shared your link on my facebook page.

  6. I definitely love the Caroline swimsuit! I love the "sailor" look in the outfit, including the anchor on the top and the double white lines on the waist and the ankles of the pants. I have been searching for the perfect halal swimsuit, and this one looks like it would be most appropriate for me. The top is long and the pants aren't too loose so you're better able to swim. This swimsuit is just so classy and elegant. And of course, the cap on the hijab is super cute.

    I have also shared your link on my Facebook page.

  7. I like the "Emma" suit the best, since the legs are not so tight! Would like to see the looser leg style in the other designs :)

  8. My favorite swimsuit is Lauren. The white on black combo is elegant and feminine. The suit offers full modesty without being too bold. I live in Hawaii and feel this will work great on the shores of Honolulu. I shared this site on under the name Majda Maki.

  9. Assalamu Alaikum,

    I like "Brooke", which is a 'full cover swimwear'.
    First of all because it covers every part of the body, second because it has only a plain color: black, which i think is cool and modern.

    And then the swimwear is also flexible. It has a zipper in the front, which makes it easier to take it off - specially after swimming.

    My email id:

    I don't have fb or twitter.. so couldn't share this link there.. but have shared with some friends..

  10. I love the Amelia design because of its simple elegance. Its a really nice swimsuit that I have only heard good things about so I would love the opportunity to use it on the beach!
    I havent been able to swim (something I love!) in over 4 years (since I converted) because of hijab but now I see what I have been missing!

    I dont have a fb or twitter that I use anymore but I have definitely shared this giveaway as well as sharing your blog before.
    my email

  11. I like Emma swimsuit
    it is because i never see a modest swimsuit yet sooooo stylish ever in my life than this cutey. The special about this swimsuit and attracted me a lot is few lines clorful lines pattern than really outstanding the full black color. it makes you feel unique once you wear it and obviously it suits me well as I like extraordinary and different. Thank you


  12. tweeted:!/tulip8malays/status/190348386073968640


    I like Emma swimsuit because it is really modest and i will feel energetic !!

  14. tweweted here:!/SamreenSalim/status/190424004983656448
    Amelia is my has blue which is my favourite is perfect for Muslim girls, a real modest swin suit:)

  15. selam.
    I like emma because I love the colors and it covers the body completly. it's also very modern and practical. it's what every muslim women sholud have in her closet.
    I will share it in my fb profile.

  16. selam. it is elma again i forgot to write the adress of my profile.

  17. Assalam O Alaikum, I instantly fell in love with Emma (it rhymes with my nickname Emmo lol), because it is colorful, loose and very modest. would love to win it for myself, Insha'a Allah.

    Sharing on my fb profile :)

  18. As Salaam Alaykum!! Its all about Brooke for me! Its my favorite as it is sleek, modest and modern. It totally fulfills all our stylish requirements for hijab at sea. I would love it for my honeymoon next weekend, insha'Allah! I shared this on

  19. I loved the first one! It has a pretty style to it and at the same time its allows someone to be covered too. The idea is a genius mashaAllah! I always have a hard time every time I go swimming at beach because the normal clothes becomes heavy after its wet. InshaAllah I win this! And May Allah make you successful with your ideas and keep them coming!

    I shared it on twitter! The link is below :)!/dslife93/status/192751193720754177


  21. Replies
    1. All are nice designs for today's active Muslim women. Padilla sport also offer modest Muslim swimwear for women who are passionate about swimming or want to experience it.