SPRING: Pastel Ideas With A Giveaway!

Well, we all know we will be seeing alot of pastel colors this Spring.  By the way pastel in spanish means cake.

Back to what we were talking about. Oh yes! Pastel colors. What are some items a muslimah can style this season using pastel colors.

Let's begin...

Scarves! that was easy.

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Image 1 of Limited Edition Ice Cream 2 Pack Hair Clip
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Pink and Green Quartz Bracelet
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7 For All Mankind The Skinny Light Drill Stretch Jean In Powder
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Yigal Azrouël Cutout cashmere cardigan

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More scarves!

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On shoes
Silvian Heach Sandals Sofie
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On Cardigans

Diane von furstenberg knitwear PINK

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Heels and Florals

Luciano Padovan Patent Peep-toe Platform Pump

So, what else can you do with pastels. Hmmm....Color block them! Yep! They were all over the runway. 

image credit: Glamour

image credit: thetelegraphandargus

So, there you have it! some ideas to get you warmed up for spring! 

But,wait that is not it! We have a giveaway. All you have to do is comment and say which woman is Islam you identify the most with. That's all! I will pick a winner at the end of the week. What's the giveaway? Of course a pastel scarf and ring!

....ta ta for now!


  1. Yasmin Mogahed! She is so inspirational and down to Earth. It's easy to preach and point out other people's flaws, but she always finds a way to convince her listeners of her point. She is so elegant and all her speeches are free of judgment. As much as I love a fashionista who inspires people with her attire and convinces women to dress modestly and still feel confident and beautiful, something about Yasmin Mogahed touches the heart.

  2. I think I can relate to Asiya (wife of the Pharaoh) because she had to endure so much in her life in order to be a good person. I've seen a lot happen and a lot has happened to me, especially since I reverted (al7amdullah). I'm also like her in that I had to hide my religion from my family for a very long time until they found out. Her story really inspires me and I only hope I can be a fourth of the person she was!

  3. Great Styles I am so looking Forward to the Spring. Chere.t.

  4. I identify the most with Khadija RA because she was a strong, independent woman who believed in Islam without any hint of doubt. Ma shaa Allaah, her character, and her kindness to those around her and the Prophet SAW, make me want to emulate her everyday. Asalaamu Alaykum! :)

  5. Assalamualikum, I think I can relate myself with Mariam Radiallahu anha.After Isa may peace be upon him was born,people teased her,taunted her but she still stood steadfast to her religion.
    Sometimes when I am around my family members, some of them do taunt me for wearing hejab. If I take pics with neqab on, they tease me and say that there is not point of me taking a pic and I shouldnt bother taking the pic as I am destroying the look of the picture. Alhamdulilah I haven't felt that bad or Alhamdulilah I dint have the thought of removing my hejab/neqab because I know that I am pleasing my LORD and thats what is more important to me.

  6. Assalamualikum.
    I relate to khadija (RA). She always comforted and being strong women and always with our beloved prohet (pbuh). When my mother-inlaws (both passed away togather electricuted) passed away , my husbund needed someone , and he said i was there for him and comforted him. May (Allah) make all women strong , kind and righteous women in islam. Aamen.

  7. Assalamu'alikum.
    I can relate to Asiyah, the wife of the pharaoh because my life hasn't been easy at all. I'm a 20 year old Muslimah living in Mexico in a city that has no Muslims at all. The closest Muslim community/masjid is in Mexico City, which is 18 hours away from here... I've neevr met a Muslim in real life, I did my own research on the internet and converted last year alhamdulillah. My family is Christian and they don't really approve of my religion. It's really hard for me because most times I can't pray 'cause they interrupt me. Once I took more than 1 hour to pray fajr because they kept interrupting me and privacy doesn't exist in my house. I've been disowned by most of my relatives because I don't want to accept that Jesus is God (which we know is not true).
    I started wearing hijab 2 months ago. I got 5 pashminas from a sister in the USA because it's hard to find scarves here (I live in a humid city) and same thing goes for the modest clothes. It's really hard. I've been wearing the same 4 shirts during 4 months because I can't afford modest clothes (my parents don't want to give me money) and I only have t-shirts. It's been really hard because I don't have a support. I'm the only one here and I often feel depressed, I wish I had a company. I've been applying for jobs but nobody wants to hire me because of my hijab, but I'm not planning to take it off even though the weather is getting hotter and the pashminas are killing me lol, I need hijabs and modest clothes asap.
    I've heard so many times "with hardship comes easy..." and I'm holding onto Allah but I'm desperate. I need help, but Allah is more important to me. Inshallah things will get better, please make du3a for me sisters. I'm sorry for rambling, I had to take it out.
    Jazakallah khairan.

    -Alhelí Sg.