2012 Hairstyles for A Muslimah

Yes, maybe as muslimahs we get away from doing our hair for the outside, but not at home. Probably the most popular hairstyle is the big messy bun, which I love. No hate on that!

Anyways, I took some time out to reseach out what's new for 2012 and compiled some of my picks and easy options for us at home and maybe events we attend. Here are some ideas, but most importantly styles you can do yourself at home. But hitting a hair salon for the home. Really for home? Think NOT!

The French Twist. OMG! Do remember it? But, this time it comes back around in a messy style. I say completely achieveable at home.

images via Awlong

Braids. But, before we continue, you have to know that for any hairstyle to look good, you have to start with healthy hair, which means, healthy eating, scalp massages, the least once a month deep condition hair treatments. You can do a biweekly olive oil treatment. Put it on for an hour or two before you jump in the shower. There are other options, but I find this to be the best. Our Prophet Mohammed SAW used to use olive oil on his hair. So, you definitely can get even rewards from doing just that.

 Back, to braids, love them! I think they are so versatile. You can wear them casual or glam them up for an event. By the way for those who want to avoid the camel hump, the french braid is the way to go.

This one is called the fish tail. Learn how to do it here.

Image:RepeatTillEnd Step 4.jpg

 The waterfall braid. Tutorial here.
waterfall braid, Partial French Braid Cascade  Hair Tutorial

The onesided braid.

see more styles here.

If you have short hair, this short bob with long layers may work. Do check with your hairstylist. Certain hairstyles are not for all hair types.

A short and layered bob hairstyle for 2012
via LatestHairstyles

I even thought this one would be cute if you style short hair. Bangs are a big trend this season. They completely change the look for some, but they are not for everyone. So, be sure to do what works best for you.

kawaii Japanese hairstyles
via SLHairstyles

Soft curl or wave and bouncy. Here is an easy and natural way to achieve that without heat. This style works on all hair lengths.

The tight curl is hot this Summer/Spring. Apply small braids to make it more spunky!

via allwomenstalk

Rock style? I don't know how many of us can actually pull this off at home or at events without getting a comment, but I will throw it at ya! I like it though and I think it is fun.

rockabilly womens blonde haircut
image via fashioning

Here is two styles in one. The side swept bangs and it is cool to let your roots grow out. Yep! The darker part on top and light on the bottom. Who knew?

2012 long layered hairstyle with side swept bangs

The side pinned hairstyle. I love it. Simple, fam and can be applied to any hair length.

image via fashioning

Least but not last, my fav look combining various trends: Messy, side swept, soft waves and a chingon...and wait! cat eye glasses. Can't forget those!

images via Keiko Lynn

So, what do you think? easy breezy?


  1. Sigh! Looking @ this reminds me I need to make an appointment with hairdresser. Love the 1st 2 braid pics + the soft curl/wavy long hair one.

  2. Love these ideas as well as your entire blog! Keep up the great work :)

  3. Mmmmm, I was hoping to find advice on the best hairstyles to keep when you cover your hair, but this list isn't it. Big tight curls, a top bun and a side braid are not gonna work under a hijab.

    1. lol..no it wouldn't! This post is geared for home..or women events and so on=) But that's is also a good topic to look into.