DAY 2 NY FW Fall 2012: Style Snap shots, Highlights & Street Style!

Well, it is day 2! You know am really liking this 'almost there' live stream shows. I just wished they aired all the shows. Oh well, I guess something is better then nothing. Plus, this concept is still at its beginnings. I am sure we will be seeing alot from this next seasons. 

Let's see some modest street style before we begin. 

image credit: fabsugar

My regular welcome. I noticed that they put this plastic over the runway.

All the elite fashionistas take it up a notch on this day. That's a couple of notches too much, if you ask me. Ok, ok, you got my attention and the camara man aswell. Now please take your seat. I want the show to start.

While waiting for the show to began. I love that necklace on the far right and lady in the far left, your hat is cool.

Rebecca Taylor was up next! Hmmm.. where to start. I love the messy hair look. I also noticed that the majority of the models had these chain earrings(is that what you call them?) I think I like them, but I need more time to think about it. Also, loved the furry boots(also almost all models had them) along with earthy tone colors. Definitely chic and urban!

 Thank you Rebecca. Bye!

Up next, the anticipated designer. 

A bit about her before I show you my highlights. Mom(left) and Rebecca Minkoff.

Behind the scenes stuff. 

The Ad.

This was surprising. I wasn't really able to understand the lyrics, but hey cool jacket!

Again, we are seeing side-wept bangs and messy hair. Maybe they are using the same hairstylist? I absolutely love her edgy but subtle style. Another thing that keeps popping up are button-up blouses, sparkles, pops of color and bloody red.

The side bun.

Hey the cool the jacket again!

The next designer was Nicole Miller

Capturing some snapshots of the attendees and their style. Ok, we see you.

Rolling of the plastic = show is about to start.

Wow! There was so much going on here! First, finally some combed hair models. That is some dead serious straight hair. Second, what screamed at me was the '70's!!!!!! Really loved the flower power and bold prints and fem colors. Lots of hats. Button up blouses. Minimal make-up. Didn't like that metal ring waist belt.

Here are some other dark(some hairy) modest options not via streamlive by Kimberly Ovitz.

image credit: fashionista

image credit: fashionista

image credit: fashionista

by Costello Taglipietra
Tagliapietra RF12 0774
image credit: fashionista

Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley RF12 7802
image credit: fashionista

Love the drop-waist on this long dress.

FW12 HONOR 2/9/2012 NEW YORK
image credit: fashionista

By Steven Alan. Lovin' the pocket details.

image credit: fashionista

image credit: fashionista

Stay tune for day 3!

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  1. Lovely! Thanks for sharing.
    I got to meet Rebecca Minkoff in NY last year, I love her collection!