5 Super Foods of The Sunnah

I normally share bits of my class notes in my 'Notes' section from different classes I attend but, I really couldn't help but to make a special posting of these notes from my class "Ten Weeks of Transformation" with Ustadha(Teacher) Farheen Farooq from Salihah Central. An all women certified Islamic studies program, which by the way has a very minimal cost and this particular class is FREE. Can't get any better then that. Can't it?

I think these simple tips of the sunnah can really helps us take advantage of the blessings from Allah SWT, which will benefit us in this life and hereafter. InshaAllah.


-It was the practice of our Prophet Mohammed SAW to eat foods that were in their season?
- Drinking cold water 15 minutes before a meal helps loose weight.

#1. Pomegranate: Loaded with vitamins A, C and linoleic acid. One of its medicinal values is to battle insulin resistance. She mentioned a hadith about pomegranate "It helps ward off Shaytan(devil) and evil inspirations(whispers) for 40 days." - Tib-e-Nabwi

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#2. Squash/Pumpkin: One of the favorite foods our beloved Prophet Mohammed SAW. It is loaded with vitamin A,C, Electrolytes, lutein, and folic acid.

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#3. Figs: Contain Protein, fiber, iron, Mg, K.

#4. Dates: Our Prophet Mohammed SAW used to crush dates with cold water for an energy boost. This was the gatorade of that time. Superb, I say. Dates are packed with tons of nutritional value including 23 amino acids.

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#5. Mushrooms: Used as birth control and fight viruses So, next time you are feeling sick mushrooms can help you get better. Well, I am not sure how appetizing that may sound, but its proven to work. I will think seriously about that one, though.

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....and don't forget to brush your teeth after every meal with in 30 minutes. It is sunnah and also it takes 30 minutes for the acids from the foods to start working, which will lead to cavities.


  1. excellent post good eats and following the Sunnah!

  2. What a beneficial post ! now that i know all these foods are sunnah, i love them even more. jazakAllah khair for sharing :)


    1. Thank Sarah for reading and am happy you found it beneficial=) and you are most welcome=)

  3. I so love your blog.. you always have awesome tips .. I love pomagrante but I hate everything else on the list ...lol... I would definately start eatting more pomagrante though ...


    1. Awww=) thank you sis for the love=) just sharing that's all. You had me laughing on the part you hate everything but pom..lol I love pom too, but the natural one, I can't stand the after taste of the bottled one:-S