The Perfect Dress Suit Coat by New Hijab

"New Hijab" is an online shop headquartered at Geneva, Switzerland.Our aim at New Hijab is supporting muslim women all around the world in practicing their hijab by providing them modest and fashionable clothing. In New Hijab we work hard to give you an extraordinary shopping experience."   -  New Hijab

Seriously, there is nothing much to say in this post except these handmade and perfect dress suit coats can be worn over an abaya, palazzo pants or even a maxi dress to give it that glam, sophisticated or unique style. You can make them work for the office, school and all social events. Also, a very good modest transitioning item.

New Hijab is based in Geneva, Switzerland. I would travel across the world for one of these, well at least my computer would. 




  1. speechless is my reaction too! those beauties speak for themselves!!

  2. gorgeous I love the longer length ones perfect to wear with jilbabs, jeans,skirts. My fave is the black belted one!

    1. Fazia, that's what I had in mind. A jilbab=)