5 Proper Care Tips For Your Hijab-Head

So, let's start with the famous question. Does wearing hijab cause baldness? The answer is NO. It does not. Permenantly at least. What it can cause is hair breakage because of the friction the hair follicle has with certain type of scarves made of fibers that are not that smooth such as wool. Scarves made out of silk or satin have smoother fibers. Now, before you hit the Rogaine(hairlosss treatment) section, rule out the below:

1. Medications with side effects of hairloss.
2. Just giving birth
3.Taking birth control pills
5. The way you style your hijab and hair. Heat, very tight ponytails/hairbuns and tight hijab styles, braids or hair accessories can cause breakage.
6. Over processed hair: Dying and bleaching can fry your head bald.
7. Hormonal issues. 
8. Eating disorder. Not having the proper vitamins and minerals in our body will show rapidly on our hair and skin.

The good news is that it all can grow back with time and with proper care you can avoid temporarily baldness. Here are some simple tips I have learned along the way that you can apply to your everyday life.

TIP #1: When washing your hair start with lukewarm water and do a rinse first. Apply shampoo at the scalp and NEVER EVER use your nails because you will give yourself a haircut. Seriously, nails cut the hair and damage the hair. Our point here is to avoid more hair loss. Here is a money-saving tip I have learned on doing a deep cleansing when tight on a budget. Use baking soda. You can do a deep cleansing every 6 months, if you don't use styling products. Styling products and shampoo can cause build-up over time. This is also a good time to give yourself a scalp massage it creates blood circulation in the hair glands. Oh yeah! and it feels good.

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TIP #2: When applying conditioner, apply from mid hair to the tips because this is where the hair is more thirsty and harder for the natural oils to reach. Leave it for a few minutes. Depending how often you style your hair or you hair color it. You should do a deep conditioning treatment the least once a month. The most natural and money-saving way is using olive-oil. Apply it 1-2 hours before the shower. Other natural ways is using Mayonnaise. Now, if you have the money, do a K√©rastase or other protein treatments. Why? Simply, because your hair is protein and that is what it eats to repair itself. After wears and tears, we have to replenish it. But, protein also has its when-to's. First determine you hair repair needs. Do you need just for it to look nice and healthy or do you need strength. 

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TIP #3: For the final rinse use the coldest water you can stand to keep it shiny. NOT! This is a myth and not proven. But, what you can do to boost some shine is do a natural rinse that contains apple cider. Some people do replace a conditioner with this rinse. But, listen to your hair and do what works best for you. 

TIP #4: Draining water out of your hair should NOT be done by twisting and pulling. You have to remember that your hair is at its most vulnerable point when wet. The proper way is to squeeze the water out starting from the top and pat it dry.

TIP #5: The after care of washing is very important. Don't brush and style your hair wet. Again, you hair is at its most weak point. A good thing to do for your hair is apply a type of oil. Now, not every oil is the same. There are oils that you apply and work best before the use of heat styling products. But, if you don't I recommend this one. They also make one to use before the use heat products. Detangle you hair if it is a must with a wide comb after you apply the hair oil.

Other things to remember is to not wear your headscarf too tight specially if you wear it outside everyday for a long number of hours. Keep it loose and wear silk or satin undercaps. Last one, don't ever tie your hair in a tight bun while wet and then put on a hijab. You definitely don't want to do that! Really you don't! Ok, Hijab-head, I hope this has shed some light or refreshen your knowledge.


  1. Great tips!!! I will definately be using them ... I have that argon oil too ... Is smells so good dont it!!!!

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    1. Thanks sis for reading:D I am happy you like the tips=) and yes the smell is nice=)

  2. Thanks for all this tips! love them, and they're so useful!