A Modest Outfit With A Splash of Trends

For my next outfit feature, I decided to combine a few trends that I can work in keeping you on check with your hijab and modesty. See if it can work for you.

It's spring! Well, at least it will be in some parts of the world. But, I mean in the sense of fashion. Whites, florals and pastel colors are in. I chose this type of skirt because it can work for all body types.
image credit: swell

This tunic top can be worn with a loose belt or without it to not mark the waistline which causes to accentuate the chest and buttocks. So, unless you are flat as a board I would keep the belt loose or not use it. I like the fact that it comes down below the thigh line and it is loose all around making it not fitted specially in the chest area.

Image credit: Primomoda

I then decided to add a bit of Faux Fur to keep warm on those chilly spring mornings. 

image credit: yesstyle.com

As for the headscarf, I added the floral trend. The scarf is from Veiled With Love.

I added the 'bracelet stack' trend to accessorize it. These are easy to attain and the trick is to combine different textures and types. You can use a big bold bracelet in between or an oversize watch.

image credit: chibijewels

For the shoes. I chose flats that are comfortable and cozy. 

image credit: topshop

For off-days, here are two trends in one. Nude nails and the one glitter nail. And, remember to keep our nails short it is of the parts of fitrah(natural disposition)

image credit: mstwirlyskirts

Here is how it looks all put together.

.....What do you think? 

Skirt: Swell
Tunic: Primomoda
Faux Fur Vest: Yesstyle
Scarf: VeiledWithLove
Shoes: Topshop
Bracelets: Chibi Jewels


  1. Very pretty. I like the outfit and the colors. I like the nails, although I couldn't be bothered to paint them at all sometimes.


    1. Thanks Umm Sultana=) yes, I can see where it would get annoying with the nail polish=)

  2. The skirt style is nice - kinda boho-gypsy-like!