REVIEW: Hijab-ista with Our Touch of Headscarf Styles!

Hijab-ista is a USA based company catering to the Muslimah and her dressing needs.

"Hijab-ista has been created by Hijabi Muslimah to cater to our fashion needs.  We found a lack of trendy, stylish hijabi merchandise and decided what better way then to create it ourself!  Hijabista is an online store only, bringing the latest fashion and styles to everyone."  -  Hijab-ista

Zamena the head of Hijab-ista was kind to send me some beautiful items for me to review. So, let's get to some action!

First, Zamena means business, the shipping was fast and she kept courtesy at all times during our communication. I then was very impressed on how neat the packaging was when it arrived. Not that I am picky, but let's just say am very detail oriented, so maybe I am picky. It just says how much a business cares.

I opened the package so carefully and found two neatly packaged itmes. Their Gardenia Tan Oasis scarf and sleeves.

I always say a first impression is the most important. I took my time with the scarf, looked at it up close and felt it as I was taught in Fabrication class. It is weaved and 100% Pashmina. Natural fibers in a scarf help your head breath by obsorbing moisture as synthetic don't. I found it light in weight and it drapes flowy. I just loved its delicacy. The next part is the size for coverage. It measures 180x70cm/70.86x27.56in. Definitely a nice length and width for coverage and to make many different headscarf styles. The only thing is because it's weave is not tight, you definitely need an undercap. The colors are true also. I mark this one excellent quality of scarf.

Next up are the sleeves,which I have been so excited about since I posted them up on FB.

accessory not included

 There was no tag on the sleeves to find out what they were made out of, but I can tell that they are a blend of cotton and most likely with rayon. The sleeves also have elastane. They are incredible soft and because of the elastane, it has a slight stretch. I completely love the design. The workmanship is good. I did find some hanging treads on the inside. I mark this one good quality and good workanship.

So, now for some fun stuff. I did 5 headscarf styles to test the scarf and its managibility. It was so easy to play with and so managable. I love it! The only thing is that because of the delicacy of the scarf be careful when you pin and the type of pins you use or you will pull the it apart very easily.

Here they are....For these styles I only used one or two pins.

Hijab-ista is having 15% OFF on all their pashminas. I definitely recommend this one!

Keep your eye on Hijab-ista because they are about to lauch their maxi dress collection!

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Innovation: Good
True Colors: Excellent
Design: Excellent
Workmanship: Good
Customer Service: Excellent
Shipping: Excellent
Product Quality: Excellent
Price: Good

Based on the scale of:   Poor - Ok -  Fair - Good - Excellent


  1. Wow, I really like the scarf, Its so beautiful :)

    1. It truly is and it is incredibly soft:D Thanks Norhajjar for stopping by:D