Modestly & Stylishly Preggo!

I recently came accross a posting of a friend on my FB list where she stated that she couldn't find anything stylish to wear now that she is pregnant(hope it was not a hormonal moment) Hmmm..I don't think so! I have heard this before. It inspired me to dedicate this post to all the modest mamas out there looking for some stylish options.
This Spring/Summer brings skirts and dresses over the knee. I have heard that you can tell alot about the economy by the hemlines. Last year floor-length maxis were it. Are we getting better? Pair up a sweater or cardigan with these beautiful dresses. The second trend going on right now are belts. So, add a belt and tie it on the upper part of your belly. Loosey ofcourse. This is a good dressing option when you have sisters, family and friends over for tea or casual talk.

images via treschicmama

Sundresses are another option for the home or the outside. Do you see the ruffle bottom? It is a Spring/Summer trend. Accessorize it with a straw hat, belt, light cardi and sandles.

via treschicmama

I am not sure if maxi skirts and dresses will ever leave us. Please don't! They definitely make another great look for the inside and sometimes the outside depending on how much the figure is shown. Throw on a cardi over them, tunic or even a furry vest on those chilly spring days!

image credit: thedaybookblog

Even a nice jean shirt over a printed maxi skirt looks fab!

image credit: thedaybookblog

Jalabyias or Caftans are another nice option for the inside of the home, family gatherings or sisters gatherings. Normally they are a free size so, you can make uses of it during and after pregnancy. Caftans are made out of different fabrics. There are those made of silk, jersey or fancy ones made out of chiffon. The lengths also vary. You can find from floor to thigh lengths.

There are some really nice dressy ones that if you wear one of the pregnancy essential tops, which you will see below can definitely make a beautiful outfit for special events.

Here is a classic look that can also work for the home and casual meetings. A blazer over a either sleeveless t-shirt or sleeves with a maxi.

image via treschicmom

A vest, maxi skirt, t-shirt and wrap belt. Another modest look for the home and casual visits.

image credit: treschicmama

Here are some options you can work for the outside during your pregnancy and after.



A more sportier one.

_PHI0011 RET

The 2 zip nursing abaya.

A free size abaya can also do the trick throughout the whole pregnancy.

Aab has a maternity section.

image credit: aab

Here are some other places to shop for stylish modest pregnancy clothing for the inside of the home.

Get stylish tops from Lilo Maternity

image credit: lilo maternity

Here is an essential for those maxi dresses or other clothing outfits you are trying to put together. 

images via LiLo Maternity

You see it's not that hard. But yes, I know that when you are having hot flashes, 3 screaming children, a husband, a house to clean, and you feel like puking on everyones face, you might just use that belt for something else, but for special moments, events or guests remember accessories and making some wise choices of trends that compliment your modesty can really turn around your look.

Happy Pregnancy!


  1. love this! i'm nearly 5 mths pregnant and is feeling low about my look.. thanks for sharing the inspiration!

    - julie

    1. MashaAllah sis!:-) well, not no InshaAllah am happy to have shared<3 and thank you for reading:-)