11 Inspiring Style Ideas From Muslimah Fashionistas

Fashion shows set trends, we follow, but fashionistas...hmmm..well, they do their own interpretation and that is why we love them.

The Scarf Belt


The Cuffed Pants.

The Layers. The belt.

Haute Muslimah

She made her version of a collar with a white flower pin. The Globes.

Haute Hijabi87

We love how Hijab Revival added the tassels to accessorize her bag.

Hijab Revival

Two? YES.

All You Need Is Luff

The Collar. The Mix of Denim.



Sketches of my mind

Working a caftan differently.

Combining textures and styles.


The Bow

Basma K. Style

All photos are credit to their corresponding blogs and pages.

DISCLAIMER: This is just a sweet reminder that in Islam there is a proper way of dressing in front of Mahrams, non-mahrams and husband. For our mahrams our minimum coverage is from the navel below to covering the knees. We shouldn't also show our back, shape of our breast, butt and thighs through tight clothing and maintain a high level of modesty around them too, but we show our hair, arms, the lower part from the knees down of our legs. For the husband, there are no guidelines of covering. We can show everything, nothing and wear what ever:-) This does not include the differences of opinion on covering the face, hands, feets, on wearing trousers, heels, make-up and jewelry.  Allah Knows Best.

The above styles should be apply where applicable and it is the full responsibility of every muslimah to educate herself and know infront of whom to wear what:-)


  1. yeah thr cool but the only way i can call them worthy of me is if the hijab covered the chest then i say bring it yeah i said bring it

    1. Thanks meme for your input. I have actually put in a disclaimer on the post:) I have also done a separate post called A Muslimah's Three Closets. Its about hijab and its basics for mahram,non-mahram and husband. Again, thank you for the reminder:)

  2. Awesome! Love the inspiration, and thanks for the feature :)