Fashionistas Under 3 Feet!

Do you mind taking a fashion tip from someone with more clothes then life experience?

Let's begin with Suri, sightseeing in NY. Suri, are those two bags? This could be a new trend. I can definitely find more things to haul around I don't need.

photo credit: suricruisefashion

Willow Smith! I'm not sure if I can do the hair thing, but I will take you up on the stripes!

photo credit: gossip center

Willow, you are so cool I had to put in a second pic of you! 
photocredit: celebritybabyscoop

One of Mariah Carey's twins. Got it! White. Loving the car seat also:-)
photo credit: celebritybabyscoop

Ok, so I literally had to search how many children Jolie had. They are all so adorable with distinctive styles. Let's began with Shiloh Nouvel..
photo credit: ilmondodipaty

Zahra Marley, My fav!
photo credit: styleblazer

Nahla Aubry(Halle Berry). Lovin' the stockings and shorts!

Vivienne Marcheline, Seriously I have the same blazer! Ok, a bit bigger and not name brand:-)
picture credit: glamour

Egypt Dean(Alicia Keys), Love the name and the little rockin' style!
photocredit: glamour

Honor Marie(Jessica Alba). Hmm...not liking the shirt, but the leggings style is cool! 
photo credit: babyrazzi

Violet(Jennifer Garner). Stripes seem to be in!

Christina Aguilera and Max. Lovin' the leather!
photo credit: popledge

Ava Jackman(Hugh Jackman ). So cute! 
hugh jackman deborra lee furness morning stroll with ava 07

Milo and Liv Tyler. I must say I love this this coat! and got mine own:-)

photo credit: celebritybabyscoop

Gwen Stefani and her babes!

photocredit: celebritybabyscoop

Valentina and Salma Hayek. Looking fab!

photocredit: xyberbites

Kourtney Kardashian and her bebe. Plaids! Love it!

Emma and JLO. Lovin' the classic black shoes with socks:-) But, I think she is more excited about her cookie:-)

photocredit: hollywoodlife

Sunday(Nicole Kidman). Diggin' the boots! Two thumbs up for you Sunday.

photo credit: celebritybabyscoop

Tori Spelling and Tod! Talk about making a statement...

I'm not sure whose outfit I like the most....I vote Jessica! But the hat is cool baby boy:-)

photocredit: celebritybabyscoop

Heidi Klum. What's before potty training? Bag training!

photo credit: celebritybabyscoop

Nicole Ritchie and her crew. I can definitely take alot pointers from all 3!

photocredit: fashionbombdaily

I don't know who this baby is, but he is just so hip! Cutie

Well, am not sure if these fab young fashionistas make their own choices, but I don't mind borrowing their stylist or their mom! 

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