Bag or Purse? Let's Get Edumacated!

Did you know that men once carried coin purses?

Bags like us have proper names. I mean, you do like to be called by your given name? or is 'human' ok? Yikes! can you imagine asking for your husband, "Where is my human?" LOL.  I didn't think so! well, maybe a little bit.

The Baguette

photo credit: material girl and bags

The Barrel

Marc Jacobs, photo credit: endless

The Belt Bag or "Fanny Pack" 

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The Bowler

The Bucket

photo credit: mktotem

The Crescent Bag

photo credit: Etsy

The Cross-body Bag or "Messenger"
photo credit: Mulberry Bag Zone

The Demi Bag. What's unique about this one is its single strap.

The Doctor Bag
photo credit: PMA Craft Show

The Duffel Bag

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The Envelope Bag
photo credit: pak4u

The Clutch Bag

photo credit: shop imar

The Flap Bag

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The Hobo Bag

photo credit: circleandsquaresf

The Minaudiere Bag. A hard cover case and usually made out of beaded and/or stone work for evening events.

photo credit: bloomingdales

The Muffed Bag. Insert hands on ends to keep warm.
photo credit: Megan Leon

The Pouch Bag
photo credit: etsy

The Sling Bag. It has one strap on top connecting to the bottom.

photo credit: lazygirldesigns

The Tote Bag
photo credit: japtou

The Wristlet

Photo credit: photolizer

The Satchel Bag. It is meant to be carried on the arm rather then the shoulder.

photo credit: handbagandhighheels

Terms you might want to keep in mind:

Bracelet Handle - Normally a metal ring handle
Drawstring - Referring to a string that closes the bag
East-West - Describes a bag that has a longer width then height.
North-South - Describes a bag longer in height then width.
Feet: Knobs at the bottom of a bag that make it stand on its own.
Open Pocket - A handbag that doesn't close.

Other interesting facts:
 In American English the word 'handbag' and 'purse' are used in interchangeably, but in Britain English 'purse' is referred to a small coin bag.

So, there you go! Maybe next time you go shopping for a handbag, you impress the human that sales handbags....

some facts were taken from: Handbagheaven

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