13 Must-Haves In Every Muslimah's Handbag

So, we are muslimahs and we are special! These are a list of must-haves that I think are essentials in every muslimah's handbag when we are out and about our day or on a short flight! Now, I know this might vary from country to country, but let's just say am going to the middle of nowhere, ok, so maybe am not, but you get the picture. Right?

Ok, so what should we include in our bags?
Muslimah Essentials Tote Bag
photo credit: Muslimah Essentials

1. Make-up Removing wipes: If you are in the practice of wearing make-up, use a type of wipes suited for your face. One of the fard parts of wudu is your face and water must reach it. You can also haul around your face wash and moisturizer around, but it can get pretty heavy unless you use those travel-size containers! Just a small side note. Make-up does enhance our beauty, use around your hubby and other mahrams. Am just saying!

2. Water bottle: No, not for wudu(unless, you are going to a place where you won't find water in a mile radius, you might want to include it) but to make istinja(cleaning oneself after the call of nature). Here in the U.S. we don't have bidets in bathrooms. I have seen some old school toilets in the east. So, you might want to consider. Half a pint bottles are tiny and easy to carry. You can carry them empty to lessen the weight on your handbag assuming you will find water where you are going.

3. Towels: Some places have paper towels, but alot of places also have those air-drying machines(which I don't recommend) The small hand or wash towel is for after you finish making wudu. You can include an extra one to dry yourself after making istinja. You might want to use a plastic zip bag for that one. It is very important to dry to avoid creating a place for bacteria growth. Eww! But, let's assume that bathrooms have toilet papers for after you finish making istinja, but if you are traveling, you better load on it before you step out of the house! But, even if you live in the U.S. you might want to keep some napkins handy in your bag to put around the toilet seat, if you have to sit down. Am just sayin' and never EVER EVER put your handbag on the floor ever! Per Dr. Oz, the most bacteria is on the floor.

Pink Zebra 3-piece Cotton Towel Set

4. Miswak/Sewak: This little twig has multiple benefits, but the most important is the pleasure of Allah SWT. 

Picture of a Miswaak Brush

5. Portable Prayer and Compass: Self Explanatory. I think. Here is a stylish one and I also have seen some prayer sets from Indonesian that come in a little bag. If I recall it includes a prayer gown and a rug. Also, there are small travel prayer rugs that come with a compass. They are small and fit in any handbag. For the compass, unless you know your city, then you are fine. You can always ask someone, or look at the sky. Hmmm, I think you are better off asking someone.

By Saudi Designer Nawal Almaimani

6. A Scarf: If you are not yet wearing the headscarf. I recommend an Al Amirah style headscarf. It is lighter in weight. Easy to put on and store away, but be sure your clothes are praying appropriate before walking out of the house or you will be risking not getting your prayer accepted. 

photo credit: Solehah Fashion

7. Socks: There is a difference of opinion on this matter. But for those who do observe wearing socks during prayer, be sure to include them in your handbag during the summer times when we usually expose our feet.

photo credit: Top Shop

8. Pins: We can never have enough and there will always be someone to ask you for one. And, will always need one after re-doing our hijab after wudu.

Photo via Kitty Shawls

9. Moisturizer & Blotting Tissues: This includes for the face and hands. If you will be out all day, water from making wudu can quickly dry our faces and hands. Also, throw in a good lip balm and some blotting tissues for when you are shining the world. Again, you can use travel-size containers to store the right amount you will need. This way you don't have to haul around big bottles.

photo credit: askcms

10. Small Make-up Kit with a mirror: Ok, when I say small, I literally mean a small make-up bag. When you are out and about or at a women's gathering, it is just not the right time to try a new look. Oh yeah! about the mirror, carry one that has both a magnifier and regular. You will be surprised how hard it is to do your make-up at public places or other people's homes. Sometimes it is the lighting or sometimes, you just have people staring at you weirdly.

photo credit: skiptomylou

11. Pads: If you are out and about close to those days, Make sure you throw one in before you rush out and specially when traveling.

via fresh vintage

12. Identification, Keys,Cash, Debit/Credit Card & Phone: Self-explanatory. Email me if you need further instructions on this one.

13. Deoderant: No, not for your armpits, but for you inner thighs. Alot of us wear skirts and some skirts can let us get away with not wearing leggings underneath on good weather days. The dedorant controls the sweat glands avoiding a rash.

Talk about making a baby's bag. Right? You can put all your bathroom items in a stylish make-up bag to keep it away from other stuff you might be carrying especially if you have a Qu'ran and other islamic books. Which by the way shouldn't go with you in the bathroom.

Which one are you missing? Or which one am I missing?

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