A Not So New Way of Shopping for Fashionistas

There is a 2nd way of shopping for fashionistas that is becoming quite popular. Before I proceed let me ask you something. Would you believe me if I told you this entire outfit I put together costed $45? The bag costing $29 and being the most expensive part of the outfit.

I think by now you have guessed it! Yes, I am talking about thrift shopping. It is not a new phenomenon, but something that maybe due to the economic pressure many fashionistas are hittin' up! The reasons may be many, but this is not a research paper, so we or me don't really care. What you will find plenty of is options and clothes. I must say I have tried this way but it took me a couple of warm up thoughts before I actually consider even contemplating the thought of saying, "Ok I will do it! I will go to one" I did and more then once. And guess what? It was fun and even forgot that thought of thrift.

Well, let me let you check out the outfit and get some tips and where to shop.

So what do you think? Pretty neat stuff I might say. I think when we mention the word "Thrift" smells and all kinds of negative thoughts come to mind. Well, it is actually not that bad as I mentioned. Really. The number one reason to hit up these shops is that you can really save money. Now, that we have mentioned money, lets began with some tips:

1. Create a budget and walk in with it. Just because things are inexpensive doesn't mean our pennies can't add up.

2. Regularly we are told that we should have a look or style in mind prior to walking in a store to save money and time. Well, not here honey. Come with time cause there is alot of racks to go through and walk in with an open mind to create different outfits. Let your creativity flow.

3. Everything that catches your eye, girlfriend you better grab it. Remembering where it was, might not happen and if someone else grabs it, IT'S GONE! One last reason, all items are one-of-a-kind. Well, at least in that store.

4.  Believe it or not, thrift store have SALES areas. Check them out!

5. Inspect clothes for stains or other defects. Depending on the thrift shop, some have guidelines on what they put on the sales floor.

These are some tips on shopping thrifty. Not so bad. right? You can shop actual stores or goodwill locations or do some online shopping at Shop Good Will. This is where I found the above items for the outfit creation. For those scarf fashionistas this is a Facebook page that does hijab swaps. They are called Hijab Swappers and can be found here. Check out this fashionista's blog and how she makes a stylish outfit out of a dime. Find her at Looking Fly on a Dime.

Now, tell me would you try this new trend of thrift shopping?  

...like they say one's man trash is another man's treasure.

Pants, $2.00
Blouse, BCBG $5.00
Blazer, Kate Hill $3.00
Scarf, Pierre Cardin $5.99
Tote Bag, UNISA $29.99

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  1. asalaamu'alaikum,
    can you tell me where that leather bag can be purchased? It doesn't link to anything.