Hijab House has launched online!

It is official! The one house I want to live in has gone online! Hijab House who began its business in 2010 in Australia as a physical shop has launched its online shop. Aren't we happy for this? I know I am! I describe them as soothing and fresh with a whole lot of sense. As I looked through their collections at moments I felt taken back in time to different scenes. Some of their creations reminded me a sunny day in a field with tall grass, a lake and wooden house. Others reminded me of the '30's in New York running to catch a train. Hmm? Well, enough of imagination. Here are our picks of this shop that has only gotten started.

We love the simplicity and lacey look along with the choice of color. Can be worn in many different ways. They call this piece White Lace Little Lady Dress. Find it here.

This one is called Cream Signature Abaya and the handcuff details caught our eye! simply and stunning. View price and details here.

Library Chic Black Prairie Abaya, the button detail really makes this one gorgeous and for those who are not quite yet ready for the loose abaya effect this is definitely a good stepping stone. You may find price and other details here.

The Library Chic Pink Prairie Abaya is the same as the above, but we love this pink hue so we couldn't just dismiss it. Find price and more details here.

Ok, we just love the hue of this scarf. It is breath-taking! We find their scarf price quite decent. Check price and other details here.

This is what I call adding a bit of sazz to your headscarf. We like the chain detail. Find it here.


This just looks so comfty and adds character to the usual jilbab of this style that we normally see. We like what they are doing with it. No more shying away from this style. Find it here.

Let me tell you, first we just adore the color choices of all these pieces and we like them more all together. This skirt is made out of jersey material.  Find it here.

Classic Black & White. Can never go wrong with that! This skirt is from their Library Collection. Find it here.

So, what do you think of our picks? Visit Hijab House. Be sure to subscribe to their newsletter to receive the latest news and offers:-)

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