What Did She Get and What Did She Say??

Hey there reader! Well, a week or so before Eid Al Adha, we, Sweet Modesty by Sadeel Allam, at our Facebook page, had an essay competition about Hajj and the winners kicked-off this our 1st and NEW blog. It was fun, exciting and even tears rolled out! We tried to make their giveaway a surprise, but for one of the winners I was too excited and I actually sent the link to the scarf. Oops! So, what did the winners get and what did they say about it? scroll down.

Click here to read their inspiring essays.....

Our 1st winner, Qorsha, got the beautiful Mademoiselle Scarf from the Haute Hijab. They are known for their top quality, excellent workmanship and their products are made in the U.S.A. Haute Hijab has only been in business since 2010 and has already made headlines worldwide. Their philosophy? per their FB page,

"Our philosophy lies in the Quranic tradition of wearing the head cover (hijab) and dressing modestly in order to be recognized as women of faith and to uphold modesty" and that is not only it."

But, wait that is not it! We are all very familiar with their website pictures and FB choice of images. But, did you know their is a BIG meaning behind them? Apart from their business, Haute Hijab has a modesty campaign movement going on! Oh yes ma'm! Per their FB page,

" We plan to attack the issues and struggles of women today such as body image and self-loathing due to society's pressures to be thin and. At Haute Hijab we believe that we should be judged by the content of our character and not by our appearance."

Quite a company:-)

 So, what did our winner Qorsha get and say about her giveaway? 

 "i feel so undeserving of this but jazakallahu khayr!! and congrats to nasmira as well! your piece was beautiful mashAllah. :) :) p.s. the haute hijab is simply stunning!!"

For our second winner, Nasmira Firdous, we chose and surprised her with the latest innovative, let me add patent in 144 countries, headscarf by Bokitta. This trendsetting headscarf is actually pinless. Yes! exactly as you read it. NO PINS! We first heard of Bokitta months prior to their innovative release and since then we kept our eyes on them! we are watching you:-) They are a family owned business and are gaining world recognition worldwide.

Their philosophy? Per their website,

"Our business fashion philosophy is to design, create and sell innovative and stylish conservative apparel and accessories using reasonable material quality at affordable selling prices and bringing it as quickly as possible to our customers worldwide" 

And let me tell you, it was affordable and their delivery was fast! So, am a believer! I think it would also make a nice gift. Since, scarves are our no. 1 gift to each other. So, what did Nasmira had to say about her giveaway?

Hope your doing good. I just got my hijab from Bokitta today and I absolutely love it. Its red in color and has white polka dots and its amazing the way it can be worn, without pins or anything..it makes it so easy to wear alhamdulillah..and the material is awesome!!! =) .. "

You can read more on a special post she did on her blog, Different Strokes..My musings!!

My dear readers that is it for now:-) We hope to have given you some valuable info and a bit of inspiration. Don't forget to keep up with us over at our FB page, Sweet Modesty by Sadeel Allam and keep close our next giveaway is coming soon!

ta, ta for now!

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