Elizabeth Taylor's Caftans for Auction

You might recognize this face.

Yep! It is the purple-eye Elizabeth Taylor. The picture is from a scene from the famed movie Cleopatra. A movie that keeps having people rave to visit Egypt and makes us daydream of our own romance stories. Although there are sources that depict that the reality of Cleopatra was far from beauty but claiming her to be a very good business women. Well, whatever the truth is we like our daydreams and her caftans. 

Elizabeth Taylor became well known for her love of caftans, probably second to having so many husbands. This is her in 1969.
Picture via People.

Her caftans are going up for auction Dec. 13, 2011 at Christies. Want to take a look at them? Scroll down.

Picture via November Lily

Pictures via News Observer

Inspired to get one of them? well, be ready to drop a hefty amount for them.

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