Marrakech International Film Festival 2011

I love the sound of name of Morocco in Spanish. Marruecos! and more I love their caftans. Let's check out some modesty on the red carpet....

Laila Hatami, picture via Zimbio

Jean Jacques Annaud and wife, picture via Zimbio

Fatima Zohra, picture via Zimbio

I was very excited to see this dress as is in the picture, but seriously you don't want to see the other side.

Fine! I told you so....
Victoria Abril, Picture via Zimbio

Melita Toscan du Plantier (left), French actress Helene de Fougerolles 
picture, via Zimbio

Paz Vega, picture via Zimbio

What is that on her face???? Close-up please!
Leila Hadioui, picture via Zimbio

Thank You. Can she see?

Marisa Berenson in Dior, picture via Dior

So, what do you think? Likey or I think I need to check my FB status?


  1. Marisa Berenson, Leila Hadioui, and Paz Vega's dresses are beautiful!.