Scarves That Empower and Giveback

While doing our usual ground work, we came across SixteenR doing a bit more then empowering with their scarves, they are giving back. Find out how!

"For every Little Ripples scarf bought, we will be donating a scarf to teachers in Darfur refugee camps. Little Ripples is an organization that is building early childhood education programs in Chad for Darfuri refugees. These scarves are for the teachers, refugees themselves, brave women who want an education for their children..."

Little Ripples (Purple)

"..Please do support this good cause! Scarf is purple with the little Ripples logo, a picture of 2 drops of water causing a ripple. The logo is in light purple. Fabric is pashmina, handprinted from Nepal."

Little Ripples (Blue)

You can purchase scarves through SixteenR's website. 

Thank you for making a difference!

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