Keepin' It Real: Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair

We sure are going to have fun in the next couple of weeks digesting all this creativity at the Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair. We are truly inspired by this year's turn-out. As if we were there, well these creations sure make you feel like we were! On the overall in our humble opinion, IIFF kept it real on keeping close to Islamic modest guidelines. The designs are soft, flowy but you can see the identity of each designer embedded in their pieces through the details such as Dian Pelangi's tie-dye signature. As said, we will digest this properly, for now, let us just enjoy the feeling of observation.



Akia Clothing


Malik Moestaram 

Dian Pelangi

Rya Baraba

Nurul Auliani

Kami Idea


Andianara Design

Itang Yunasz


Irna Mutiara

Jeny Tjahyawaty

Nana Krit

Errin Ugaru

Aprilla Collection

Images credited to Indonesian Islamic Fashion Fair

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