Where To Find Modest Sportswear


"This innovative head cover features a hat made of lightweight swimsuit fabric, with a sun-protection visor and generously sized wraparound ties that can be applied an endless number of ways to offer the modesty you need. The ties can be wrapped over the hair to cover the head only, or around the face to cover the hair, ears and neck for a full cover option. The head cover has a silky feel and is extremely comfortable to wear when wet or dry. Available in a range of colors."  -  Modest Sea

"Lightweight, moisture management fabric keeps you cool and dries quickly. One piece. No pins required. Specialized cut to cover chest, but compact shape."  -  Friniggi

Outdoor is made of polar fleece and closes with a piece of soft Velcro in the neck. The fleece material makes the Capsters Outdoor a comfortable item in cold weather. A cap and shawl in one: ideal for winter sports activities! - Capsters


"Easy is made of beige modal (very soft, smooth and breathes well) and off-white cotton. It closes with a piece of Velcro in the neck. Because of the light colors and materials, this Capsters design is suitable for warmer climates."  -  Capsters 


"A pin-free, worry-free sports hijab that is made from the highest quality organic cotton and bamboo materials.  The heavy, absorbent materials used to make this hijab lets you enjoy all your physical and sporting activities while still maintaining your comfort and modesty.  It's designed with two cris-crossed straps on the back to ensure that it does not slip or fall off.  Also, there is a band on the underside of the hijab through which you can put your hair to keep it away from your neck.  This hijab is a perfect fit for sisters who play sports, go to the gym or who simply want a fashionable but simple to wear hijab."  -  Bahiya Collections

"Each element is designed to live up to yourPERFORMANCE. The hood’s unique design keeps all the hair away from the face. The hi-tech material, featuring micro-pores, dries extremely quickly, up to 14 times faster than cotton. Treated before fabrication, the fibers preserve their properties after multiple washings. It's designed for your COMFORT. Resporton fits your body’s shape. The Coverstitch technology makes seam imperceptible. The stretchable fabric allows for free movement of the head. The specially designed pocketed cap holds hair away from the neck. Concern about detail and sleek design are combined for comfortable performance with STYLE." -  ResportOn


"Our supremely-breathable UPF 50+ Wick-It™ fabric in a longer-length hoodie cover-up to protect more of your skin."  -  Athleta

"Our coveted, lightweight performance Teelicious® fabric now has stretch to help you find the full extension of your practice."  -  Athleta

"Sporty and soft, this is your go-to top for your high-activity days.."  -  Shukr

"Lightweight moisture management fabric keeps you cool and dry. Hemline above the knee.
Simple design with panels on each side and on the sleeves. Finishing includes piping on front and back." -  Friniggi

"Great on the field and at the gym this four piece suit merges modesty with performance. The material offers the breath-ability needed for intense activity, while remaining loose for complete modesty. The full front zipper on the jacket opens from the bottom and the top for easy access and extra room for leg movement. Looking chic, modest and ready for the game has never been so easy."  -  Primo Moda 

Navy Sports Suit

"Staying healthy and being active is every girl's dream!  Now you can do so in extraordinary and modest sportswear! "  -  Zeena


"Same wonderful light weight fabric with the same UV protection, chlorine resistant, quick-drying material but with a bit of WOW!"  -  Kosher Casual

"This sporty and soft skirt is ideally paired with our Bi-Color Top for an stylish and active outfit."  -  Shukr

"..fit like a running tight and lined with Rulu (aka running luon), which is super-soft and inherently moisture-wicking"  -  Lulumon

RUN:Dog Runner Pant


"Made in France with 100% Italian fabrics and handmade details that epitomize the term "le savoir-faire francais" Offering excellent UPF 50+ sun protection, rash guard, antibacterial and ultra chlorine resistance, slimming technology, and shape retention."  -  Couture Swim N' Sport 

"The Alsharifa team has in its ranks very experienced swimwear designers who lived most of their lives in coastal areas in the Middle East, and the USA. The Alsharifa swimwear design is also audited with each new change by a panel of peers from 4 global locations to ensure that changes are acceptable to the different geographic locations. Alsharifa has in its staff members chemical engineers who advise on the coatings on top of the fabric and aerodynamic engineers that work on swimsuit geometric aspects, swimming performance, and swimmer stability in the water."  -  Alsharifa

"This 3-piece full cover swimsuit is both casual and elegant, featuring a gently-fitted, fully-lined, knee-length tunic with a front panel of wide contrasting color bands, gently echoed in the loose fit pants with stylish built-in folds. The matching head cover with visor has a built-in safety panel that covers the neck, d├ęcolletage and upper back to provide extra cover for guaranteed modesty. The attached ties secure the head cover firmly and comfortably for complete modesty at all times.   The Emma swimsuit is made entirely of Italian-made AcquaZero water repellant fabric for lightweight comfort when wet or dry, and can be worn over a swimsuit bra for increased support."  -  Modest Sea


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