The Philanthropically Trendy NEW Eyewear: Warby Parker

Over dinner with my cousin I did the most common thing; left my glasses at our dinner table. Since then I have been in the search of a new pair and this is how I came across Warby Parker. Now, this place is not just any eyeglass place. Let me tell you a bit about them and why I made the decision to invest in them and show you what pair I got! 

1. For every pair you buy, they provide a pair to someone in need. Read some stories here.

2. All eyewear is made out of the highest quality! Learn about it here.

3. The price is just right! Expect to spend between $95-$150 dollars. I got $5OFF for stopping by. How cool is that? The eye exam was $50. You can read on how they do it here.

4. The create their own designs which are trendy, refined, classy and definitely my style! 

If you don't live in NY, they also have a home try-on program. Learn more about it here.


I decided to go for the Clyde style. Here is something else I like; no store pick-up. They will be delivered to my home in about a week! 
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