GIVEAWAY: Islamic Libas

Islamic Libas was founded in 1995 and is located in the UK. Recently one of its dreams has come true, but we will bring you more details on this accomplishment a bit later. For now let's focus on how actions require will power because that is what this GIVEAWAY CAMPAIGN is all about. In this particular campaign, we are all winners.

How to ENTER:

1. Make a pledge that within this coming Ramadan, you will donate from 1 up to your desired amount of your scarves to either an organization, a masjid or directly to a sister in need as an act of charity. If you want to upgrade this pledge, donate NEW scarves.

2. Write HERE the number of scarves you are donating and to where.

That's it!

On February 16th,
 we will give one person an abaya size M as a recognition of their efforts and pledge.

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  1. May ALLAH let us all reach to ramadan

  2. Ameen to sister safa's dua. InshAllah I pledge to donate 5 scarves in Ramadan

  3. Ameen...May Allah reward Islamic Libas, Sweet Modesty, and all sisters that are taking part in this great cause...Ameen.

  4. Inshallah this Ramadan I will donate a bag full of scarves (many new) to Refugee Action Kingston.

  5. Asalamualikum...
    I am really honoured to be a part of this giveaway...and also honoured by taking this pledge that I will donate atleast 10 scarves (most of them are new) to QAAF AID CHARITY...
    ISLAMIC LIBAS you are really doing a great job Masha Allah
    Jazak Allah

  6. Assalamu alakum
    I pray you are in the best of heslth and highest of iman. Inshallah I will donate a bag of scarves to new and needy muslims sisters in the community

  7. Salam I will donate 10 of my scarves to new sister hijabi.

  8. I will donate a few of my scarves, at my local masjid for new muslim sisters inshallah :)