Design Your Own Bag: 1154 LILL Studio

I don't know what kind of bag lady are you, but I am a wristlet one and sometimes I can be a messenger! While in Chicago, I did some therapeutic creative shopping at 1154 LILL Studio. This is one place I have been wanting to try for some years, since I first heard about it. 

This is how it works; You design your own bag within the style options they give you. It's still fun especially because you don't have to sew it. The process is fairly simple. You pick a style and then walk around and pick the fabric for the outer part and the lining for the inside. Although, it sounds simple, the time is taken in the decision process. All their fabrics are of the highest quality standards and they are absolutely fabulous. The best part? They are made in Chicago! But, it does take a couple of weeks to get your final product and it's well worth it. You can then add accessories, which you also pick the style and fabric. I chose to do a wristlet in a beautiful bone color and raised velvet lacey fabric. I also got two ring straps; one in satin and the other in leather for casual and event wear. Another fun part of the studio is that you can have a girls fun gathering while designing your bags. You can do it at the studio or at comfort of your home.

1154 LILL Studio started in a street fair by Jennifer Velarde. The name is the address of her studio apartment where she got started. Now, 1154 LILL Studio is in three locations; two in Chicago and one in Boston. You can also design your own bag online. But, I really recommend going to the studio to get the full experience and to really get a feel of the beautiful fabrics. And, if designing is not your thing, you may also shop from a wide variety of styles already made from their collection. They carry from iPad cases to phone purses.

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