Let's Talk EFFA: The Modern Vintage Collection

One of the contributors to the revolution and also it's transition from the East to the West of the Abaya has been label EFFA and with the increasing talent surging in the East, creativity, exclusivity and wearbility is what will keep you on top of your 'A' game and that is exactly what EFFA has been offering.  

A little background on who EFFA is. Effa is a designer with a strong fashion industry background. She is from Saudi Arabia and grew up in the UK. Her career started after graduating with a BA honors degree in fashion and working as a brand manager and fashion buyer for acclaimed brands such as Valentino and Galliano. Here is an interesting fact about her "She would scrutinize fashion magazines and sketch and made her first designs at the age of 11.", per Haute Living. She then moved to establish her label in 2006 because she found a gap in the middle-eastern market for modern elegant clothing. Effa began with a ready-to-wear and then moved to couture in 2007, per Khaleesque.

There is such an enthusiasm looking back at accomplishments and how we felt at every moment of them. At that very moment, we feel this is the ultimate we can do, but then new ideas surge and that cycle of 'ultimate' happens again. I spent this morning looking through her collections because I like to see the relationship between first designs to latest of a designer. It gives me so much insight on them and a feel of their direction and what their label is all about. Being that said, when people can bring new ideas to the table and change something to stay timeless, there is something gifted about that. There are people who design for one moment and there are those who design for every moment. Although Effa considers her designs modern, it's elegance make it stationary in time, in my humble opinion.

For Autumn/Winter 2012-13 EFFA had its mind on 'Modern Vintage' She doesn't take her finger of her femininity signature. She is definitely combining the elegance of The Great Gatsby using lace, silky fabrics and stonework with current trends. Then she adds a little Greek to the scene with the peplum. She has mentioned in past interviews that she takes her inspiration from not only current trends but museums and art history. My favorite piece is the Gatsby style turban, hence am a fan of that era.

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