What's Up With Pink Hijab Day?

Pink Hijab Day is set for October 24, 2012.

After listening to one of the lectures from Noble prize winner Ahmed Zewail, one of the key words he said that distinguishes the U.S. from the rest of the world and why it is so advanced in technology is "RESEARCH". He states that the U.S. invests a lot of money and time in research.

Breast Cancer Awareness month started over 25 years ago by a collaboration of public and U.S. Goverment organizations. Pink Hijab Day integrated itself to the community in 2007 by a group of highschool girls in Missouri through wearing pink hijabs to be asked about their hijab and Islam. It's a day not only to wear our pretty pink hijabs but to support breast cancer research by taking initiatives in our community. Some of the things Pink Hijab Day advices us to is:

1.  Hold a fundraiser (selling ribbons, bake-sale, other event) to raise funds for cancer research
2.  Have an event with a panel of Muslim women to explain the purpose of hijab, and their roles and experiences as Muslim women
3.  Hold a luncheon or other event at your local mosque and contact a hospital or cancer center that can send a representative who can give information about preventative methods and
4.  Contact health professionals who are certified to conduct breast cancer screenings
5.  Participate in your community’s local races with organizations like Susan G. Komen or the American Cancer Society held throughout the year
6.  Ask your local imam to have his khutba about the importance of Muslims participating in community improvement projects that relate to humanity as a whole, rather than just the Muslim population.
7.  Donate on your own to cancer research foundations and cancer hospitals
8.  Write a bit about your experience with hijab and post on a blog or send to your school newspaper

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A preventive approach towards breast cancer, of course make dua(supplication) to Allah Glorified and Exhalted because a dua can be a cure. - Mission On Islam

Al-Haakim reports from the hadeeth of Aa`ishah (RA) that the Messenger of Allaah sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam said, "Caution is of no avail against the decree but supplication benefits those things that have occurred and have not yet occurred. For indeed while the tribulation is descending the supplication meets it and they remain struggling with one another until the Day of Judgement." (Haakim, at-Tabaraanee) 

 Another step you may take physically is start by understanding your risk factors as stated here and doing routinely self-exams, see here. But, do keep in mind as a muslim woman believer that illnesses are two sided. They are to purify us from our bad choices or a trial of love from Allah to make us closer to our creator, raise our status and increase us in rewards. Above all, remember that all comes from the permission of Allah the Exalted and Glorified.

Always as Allah to give you the patience and reward for what you going through.

Please don't forget to share your events on Pink Hijab Day's page so others may attend. Also please share this event on your FB. 

Thank you for your support!

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