Michelle vs. Ann (with our own funny commentary)

Who do you think styled it better?
(in case you missed the 1st presidential debate, read full transcript and see video here.)

Michelle: Happy Anniversary boo!
Ann: Ok honey, just think before you talk. Yey!!!!

Ann: Make mama proud!
Granddaughter(right): I wanna go home and see honey boo boo.

Michelle: Ha, ha, you all think this is funny! messing with my anniversary date! I'm gonna starve your kids, then see if that's funny.

Ann: Yey!!!!!! 

Family: Mrs Romney was joined by Tagg and Josh to watch her husband on the big stage

Michelle: You got this boo!

 Ann: Do we really have to hug?
Michelle: My dress brings all the votes to the poll cause my dress is better then yours! Ya! It's better then yours.
Michelle Obama, Ann Romney

Ann: It's going to be alright Michelle, ma' man has more surprises for your boo. Yey!!!!

Ann: Damn! how did I raise all them kids and still look good? Yey!!!!

Romney: Do I look like I need a tax cut?
Ann: That's right honey, use body language. Yey!!!!

Michelle: Don't mess wit ma' man!
Obama: Who you talkin' to?! I'm unbeatable! Jay Z got ma' back!

So, who did it better?

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