Why Are There Homeless Muslim Women In America?

The event United for Poverty event took place yesterday in Connecticut. It was hosted by United for Change. They are 100% volunteer(no paychecks there). Their mission is to create awareness of the consuming topics in the muslim community.

We sat and listened to beautiful motivational speakers address the subject they prepared and were assigned.Their speeches were full of facts, observations and beautiful reminders from Allah along with some solutions to help those less fortunate then ourselves. After the event, we returned to the comfort of our homes dressed in our best clothes, BUT there was one woman that went home with the same worries that she came with and that is how is she going to keep a home over those who don't have a home.

Her name? Asma Hanif from Muslimat Al-Nisa. This woman brought in the voices of the ones in need. She went up to the podium dressed up as the mental figure that we all have been trained to search for when we think of a homeless person. She was dressed with the clothing we don't want. In her hand she carried an Ikea bag with the expire food we give away as charity, the unhealthy food cans and what appeared to be a hand-vacuum with no cord. Who gives away missing-part items? Her speech not only brought the voices of those in need, but the realities of a world that for too many of us is non-existent because we live in our pink bubble of make-up, brands, pretty dresses and waiting for a handsome muslim brother to sweep us away(nothing wrong with it until we over-indulge our world of just that! balance my dears. balance.)." 

This brought upon many questions in my head. 1. Why are MUSLIM women homeless in AMERICA? 2. Islam is the perfect system to help those in need, so why should a MUSLIM woman have to go to  another(WELFARE) system for help when the people in her family, the muslim community, the zaqat program should be taking care of their women? 3. Are we(both parents) not doing a good job raising our boys and girls to be leaders in their families, homes and communities. Are we not educating them enough? ...I know one thing is for sure and that is it all starts with the first educators a child has: His/her parents(YOU). And, if we don't change ourselves, then we better come up with more solutions to the more serious problems that are coming ahead. 

Lastly, Asma touched another reality. Don't go or take your children to shelter homes. Asma mentioned in her speech that women would contact her to ask if they could bring their children so they can learn to appreciate what they don't have. This is using the dignity of the needy to make yourself feel better. These people are already going through alot and they don't need to feel like they are animals in a zoo. This is not about us. This is their right over us.

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