Kotyur Launch Event!

Through a very super express communication channel(the internet, we came to find out about KOTYUR when they were preparing to launch their summer line. They are based out of New Jersey and do most of their business in New York. Again, through that same fast means of communication we went behind the virtual scenes of KOTYUR and asked just a few questions to get acquainted. We communicated with Safura Iqbal from Kotyur.

One of the things I had to ask was the meaning of their name. I think like many others and as she has stated, I also thought they were a Turkish brand. 

"Kotyur is pronounced couture. At the same time couture is pronounced Kotyur, so it's just our spin off the word. Many people mistake us for a Turkish brand, and although we love the elegant fashion sense of Turkish women, we are 100% American."

from their Summer 2012 collection.

Will Kotyur plan to always sell 'one piece' of their items?

"Kotyur has one of a kind items and also full run items. Our one of a kind items are generally not restocked after they sell out. Our full run items though, predominantly come in small, medium and large and are only sometimes restocked after they sell out."

From their August 2012 Collection

Are all your items designed and produced in-house and/or do you also carry manufactured items?

"Kotyur has two lines: the custom, hand made collection which is produced in house; and our regular line which carries items from some of our favorite manufacturers worldwide. Both lines are pretty equal in terms of quality, we strive to carry items that will last you years as opposed to items from many stores these days that only last for a few weeks.

We see both of our lines as permanent inshaAllah. We plan to always create one of a kind pieces and also to keep carrying clothing from our favorite preferred manufacturers."
KOTYUR making their debut at Six Flags Great America in New Jersey

Hijab cup pins

KOTYUR is about to launch their new collection in Chicago on Sept 30th. See details below.

With their new collection launch event, KOTYUR is also offering a FREE giveaway by liking their FB PAGE.(offer expires Sept. 30th)

There you go ladies! KOTYUR, a 100% American company with a very fresh take on modestwear.

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