NYFW SPRING 2013: Nzinga Knight

American Muslim designer, Nzinga Knight, presented her collection yesterday at Harlem's Fashion Row. She was very kind to let us(and anyone who has her as a friend on FB) in on every step or her preparation of her 2013 line. Of course, I followed and developed a sentimental connection towards the end and that makes it even more special to view her collection. She still brings a touch of her draping and pleat detail from her last collection. It's Shakespeare love with a contemporary edge. I also love her choice of ethnic models.

above images are credited to Zimbio.

"After my show Vanessa Williams expressed how much she loved my collection & asked me for my number! And then was really happy when I gave it"  -  Nzinga Nnight

Nzinga Knight - Harlem's Fashion Row 5th Anniversary - Arrivals - Spring 2013 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Designer Nzinga Knight

Can you describe her new collection in one word?

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  1. If I had to sum up her collection it would be with three words, whimsical, elegant, and chic. I think I'd wear every single piece!

  2. The very first image I looked at is showing the model's breast and nipple. It completely turned me off her collection from the very start. Three of her models are showing the same thing. You'd think a Muslim designing clothes aimed at Muslim women would at least ensure her models were wearing bras.

    1. I noticed the same thing... I dunno if they're not wearing bras or just very sheer ones, but... yeah I thought it was a bit odd :/

    2. LOL! Totally the first thing I saw. BUT, still loved her designs...

  3. the royal blue piece - beautiful !

    i never get tired of an elegant royal blue gown :)

  4. I like the two first styles very much, it's so flowy and feminine, but I have to agree with Amna and Qatheworld, it was a bit strange that she wasn't wearing a bra. Otherwise I think the designer is very talented. Salaam fra Norway :)