1. No am not talking about the hijab look, but about the those big-O glasses! There is something nerdy, childish and funky about them that just makeS them look too cool. Designer Nicholas K.

2. This twist is too sweet and definitely wearable. Designer Erin by Erin Fetherson.

3. Another wearable hair do'! Time to take out that flat iron(eee!) sleek, clean and fresh. Designer Tadashi Shoji

4. The classic bangles can always save an outfit. Designer Tadashi Shoji

5. The semi-tucked-in shirt cause it's cool like that. Designer Organic by John Patrick

6. This reminds me of my ballroom shoes(which by the way are very comfortable and secretly wore for my wedding. Hey, I could have done gym shoes. Plus my dress had so much tulle to get lost in that they were unoticeable) Anyways, the heel is perfect and discrete. Designer Tadashi Shoji

7. Super-cute! Every girl should own a cute pair of shoes or 20. I like the touch of 20's in them. Classic. Designer Creatures of the Wind

8. Strap them up sista! Need to make a statement? These pairs are it! Cool heel. Cool strap(no, not a gun). Designer BCBG

Sorry about the number order. I do know how to count(uno, dos, tres...)

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