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Someone has been internationally hot and on the Radar this year! From BBC to Emel Magazine, exhibition to exhibition and has even won the support of model Kate Moss. Even named the protege of Vivienne Westwood by The Guardian. It's the one and only Barjis Fashion Label! For those just joining us in, Barjis Fashion Label debuted in 2011 and has won a number of awards. The label specializes in modest luxurious high fashion clothing for the educated and well travelled woman. Although it's focus was muslim women primarily, it has attracted the attention of all women across the world. I can't blame them! Her designs are a perfect chemistry composition of muslim attire and westernwear and in proper settings, they become wearable in both worlds. Not only that, but because her pieces are unique, it makes them timeless. An excellent investment for the savvy consumer. She has significantly changed and added to the list of pioneers of the breakthrough between muslim fashion and high fashion. I wouldn't be surprised to see her line one day debut in one of the major fashion weeks in the near future. 

Barjis has released her new collection. My first take on her viewing her collection? Romanticism! She plays with feathers, flowers, lace, pearls and as in her last collection she teases us with color. Although, she still keeps her signature element: Simplicity. Here are my favorite picks!

View the rest of her collection HERE.

Barjis is working on her next collection which will be debuted with a tea party in Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in November. Keep posted per her FB Page

I wish you the best Barjis! and p.s. I love the new face for your collection.

What do you think of her latest collection?

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  1. I really like the new collection of Barjis fashion Label. I think that its very stylish and trendy to many conservative women. I know that it would really suit their taste for fashion.