NEW Shop: Modesty Hijabs & More

As you read, there is a new shop out and about ran by sister Raquel! The shop launched this March and looks very promising on bringing modest clothing options. Here are some of their inspirational clothing. What do you think?

Headscarf ''French Love'' - by Modesty Hijabs 
Shirt - Primark
Maxi.Mini Skirt -  by Modesty Hijabs

Headscarf - by Modesty Hijabs
Shirt - Local
Maxi Skirt - by Modesty Hijabs

Hijab - by Modesty Hijabs
Long sleeves shirt - Qatar
Silver sequin shirt - by Modesty Hijabs 
Maxi skirt - by Modesty Hijabs

Hijab - by Modesty Hijab 
Shirt - Innocent
Long Skirt - by Modesty Hijabs

You can check-out Modesty Hijab and more HERE.

All photos are taken from Modesty Hijabs & More webpage.

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