Hijabi Fashion Week: Looks You May Have Missed!

Well, the fame online Love Hijabi Fashion Week, which happens twice a year ended it's first week this year, June 3rd, but participants had 8 days from each day to submit their look. Well, I didn't want to miss anything(specially new fresh blood), so I looked back to looks I could've missed. Let's check them out!

HFW Day 1: Leaders in Hijab

Mila is from Indonesia and this is her first time participating. She says she has many roles such as a daughter, friend and sister. For this day she decided to take the student look.

"Firstly, I was inspired after reading an information about the woman who works at NASA. There, on the "Woman at NASA" section, I saw a hijabi woman. My eyes were clicked right on her picture and was thirsty to get know about her information. She is an American Muslim named Tahani Amer. Masha Allāh, Alhamdulillāh. What's truly strong about her is that she lives by three simple principles:
  1. Please God and you will please all.
  2. Education is the key to the opportunity.
  3. Serve others with compassion and kindness."  -  COLOR ME FUSCHIA

Asma is from London and is planning to become a teacher.

 "Well, you may know that I'm planning on becoming a teacher i'A, and as a way of preparing myself I'm currently a volunteer at a local primary school. As a volunteer, I don't have the authority and power of the teacher (or the headteacher), but I still have a significant role in the classroom to be a good role model. Obviously, working with younger children, it's a lot more appropriate to incorporate colour and prints into an outfit as this makes you more approachable (and less official looking, I think)."  -  CHOCOHOLIC-HIJABI

Melissa is from the U.S. and also her first time participating in HFW.

"As a mother I'm always busy with the kids, taking them here or there, chasing them around, trying to teach them about Islam. My outfits are usually very practical and easy going, for the above mentioned reasons, of course."  -  WESTCOAST HIJABI

Nova is from Jakarta and this is her first time participating in HFW.

"I have two main duties as a leader.
1As a MOM : role model for my daughter
(ranging from bathingcooking, feedingto accompany her to play)
2as an ENTREPRENEUR : manage my own business
(selling online, meeting with vendorspurchase materials for the production of up to become a model for selling clothes :)"

Another first-timer from the U.K.

"When I saw this theme, the first person that came to my mind was my mum. She is a politician, a mother, a friend. I dont think you can get more of a leader than that and she does it the best way I can ever imagine it being done.I have learnt from her that the way you dress, walk and talk can make or break you. So she always dresses in a way that exudes confidence. Having said all of that, today my outfit is inspired by her. She loves print, flowy skirts and blazers so I got all that and added a touch of me."  

HFW DAY 2: Favorite Hijab

"My favourite hijab at the moment has to be my square fuchsia one!  I can’t count the number of times I’ve worn it the past few months!  I love to wear it because it’s made from a slip-free chiffon-georgette fabric that gives a bright pop of colour..."

"This is my favorite hijab !
Earth tone and mix match with batik cullot"  -  Fina Yasifa

"My "Favorite Hijab" is Pashmina Cotton Shawl with Grey Color, flower and loose size.
Pashmina Cotton Shawl, i can make it with various style, so i would not bored, when i bored with one style i try another and grey color i can match much color with it. That really basic and must have things, i though ;) did you agree?
The flower shown the feminen sense and that we are muslimah should be, aren't we?
and Loose size is mean No tight, Loose size will covered our body as well as it should be as the syar'i :)"

"My favorite hijab in the Cover me Beautiful summer collection is the Iris hijab (black). I paired it with a mint green maxi skirt (Forever XXI), a coral pink t-shirt (A'gaci), and a long black cardigan (thrift store)."

"Okay so I found this pretty hard because I have SO many pretty scarves and thats an extreamly hard question for a hijabi girl. But if I have to pick one then it'll have to be my purple floral one..."

- Zara

"I love this hijab because its made out of a very light material 
and I absolutely love the mixture of colors it has." - STYLISH HIJABI

HFW DAY 3: Time Travel

"So my outfit centered around a horizontal-striped sleeveless shirt that was gifted to me over 10 years ago!  It’s still in prim and proper condition and because it’s made of Lycra and spandex, it’s uber comfortable and stretchy.  I believe that black and white stripes is timeless but to give my outfit a kick, I wore a skirt in the on-trend neon pink colour."

 "This is one of my fav themes because I am a vintage junkie and so is the rest of the world at the moment. For this theme, we are supposed to bring back something from the past and combine it with a current trend. Well vintage is from the past and it is a current trend so a bit of a cheat lol."  -  DIY HIJABI

HFW DAY 4: Travel Destinations

"I chose to style a summery look for a a trip to the beach and wore a bright blue dress with a basic flyaway cardigan and thin scarf. I completed the look with a vacation-friendly tote, gold gladiator sandals, and of course sunnies."


"...my outfit is laid back and comfortable."

"Where would I go? Somewhere hot. Why? SO I can wear this skirt of course, why else! I've mentioned it before, but being the strange person that I am who must be in denial about British Weather, I own more summer clothes than I do winter, so I'm capitalising on my skirts these past two hot weeks. It was nice knowing you weather. Rain, predicted."

"I was going to do this whole Africa inspired theme, but let’s keep it real if there was anywhere I want to be right now in this very moment, it would be California. Home sweet home."

 "I love planning outfit for traveling or going to vacation cz usually they'd include comfy clothes and airy, flawy maxi dresses. If I could go anywhere in the world, I'd go to New Zealand ! I wanted to go there since forever (And I will, Insyaallah) because it's serene, quiet and the views breathtaking. I'd like to explore more about Maui culture and visit their cities and take all the good pictures and unwind on the grass. That would be heavenly. I imagine myself to be walking all day long, visiting the tourist attraction. It would be the perfect place for me to relax, to enjoy nature and see life in a different view :')"  -  NURAINA

HFW DAY 5: Special Ocassions

"I am wearing one of my creations, a Limited Edition Piece I am producing for the public due to popular demand."

"With summer being wedding season, first thing that comes to mind is WEDDING!! I love traditional fashion from everywhere but especially African <duh!> and Asian <had my ss'11 collection for Mirembe Collection inspired by both because I cant seem to get enough>."  -  DIY HIJABI

"Special Occasion when i can met my friends, old friends who had not met for each because of our busy. Meet my school friends at School Reunion is a Special Occasion for me ;)"

"Fashion Formula:
White shirt + Thrifted monochromatic buttons up + Mango Suit sheer blouse + Maysaascarf snood + Necklace from Pasar Baru + Maxi skirt from Pasar Baru + Calvin Kleinclutch bag + Chrissie heels + Black socks + Revlon raisin rage lipstick."  

HFW DAY 6: Date Night

"Sounds romantic when heard "date night". 
After marriage & has a daughter, not mean we passed a date night. 
we also need to enjoy the romance, so that we remain harmonious relationship. look beautiful, graceful and attractive when with him also needs to be :)"  -  QUEENOVA

"So todays theme is DATE NIGHT...!! so as according to Islam we cant date so the theme was about a date night with future husband for single ladies & for married ladies it was about their ideal deal for a cozy date."

"Fashion Formula:
White shirt + Thrifted yellow blouse + Escrava tribal printed maxi skirt + White pashmina + Bag from Aceh + Tracce sandals + p.s: sorry I didn't wear the socks because I was in hurry :("

HFW DAY 7: Style Crush

"Met this lovely sister during Shimmer and Shine, her outfit is just to die for! The floral blouse, the maxi skirt and the headscarf- I want them all!"


"For my style icon, it would be Aishah Amin of course. I think there are no adequate words to describe her style for she is simply stunning, inside out! Maybe because she sees fashion as a form of art, thus her mix and match never fails to impress me. Although she didn't participate officially this year, but her looks on last season was masyaallah gorgeous *girl crush*"

"My style crush is Liza from a Delusional Thinking of Liza Razak. I love her style so much because every outfit she wears is an outfit I know I would have put together. I chose her Day 3 look to sort of recreate. It's not exact, but I did my best. Enjoy!"

"Yay easy peasy theme! I've always admired Aishah Amin. I like that she advocates that your hijab should always cover your chest area, her choice of clothes are always so impeccable and she manages to pull off every single look, from boyfriend jeans to mermaid skirts effortlessly. I've always loved this outfit she wore at Yuna/Hana Tajima's event and have searched high and low for her scalloped sequinned top!"

this is my most favourite theme...!
to pick a single person that I adore will be a bit hard..
as I have a LOT! :p

but I'm gonna Choose 2 persons...
Local & International ^_^
Shea Rasol &  Dian Pelangi"

Which look has inspired you?

Now, that was a fun week! Although, all days have closed-out except Day 7: Style Crush to submit your looks, you still have some hours to get your last look in.  Maybe someone here has inspired you? You can find more looks at HFW.

All images were taken from HFW.


  1. Alhumdullilah! Thank you for adding me in your HFW round up. Everyone's outfits were so amazing, I cant wait until next year! <3

    1. Alhamdulilah lovez! Agreed, they all are very beautiful! thank you for participating and inspiring us:-) I hope to see you on the next on!