18 Hijab Trends for Summer

Ok, so maybe you started wearing hijab, need to boost on what scarves to shop, you woken up from a very deep sleep and realized you have been wearing the same scarf for a some(long) time, or you have plainly just been out of the scene. So, what's everyone(almost except you) wearing out there? Note, always do remember to wear what you like and what represents you. It doesn't matter whether it is in style or not because styles, fads, trends will all come and go. This is just to help you brainstorm.

The Rope Headscarves from al Hayaa

The personalized scarf from Hijab Obsessions This is two in one. Jersey-made hijabs are still loved(very much)!

The Maxi scarf by Cover Me Beautiful. Enough to keep going around and around for folds, draping and wrap a friend or two.

The Pom Pom scarf by Princess Rockz

The B-I-G polka dot scarf from I Love Modesty

Arabic Calligraphy pashmina scarf from Fashion Compassion

The bobble scarf from Dainty Love 

The Twisted Turban scarf from HijUp

Ethnic(Aztec) Print Scarf from Binty K Collections

The Mix Print Scarf. Three trends in one: Paisley, dots and florals.

The Butterfly scarf from Iman and Beauty.

The Tie-dye scarf from Hijup

The Flag Scarf from Binty K Collections Now, don't go starting any riots.

The Cut-Out scarf. This one is being worn by Hijablicious from Fancy Wraps

The Pendant Scarf from Hijab Candy

They Stripes scarf from HijUp

The square hijab has made a comeback or maybe never really left(just went into a comma), but it is hotter then ever now with trendy patterns. This one is from Simply Zeena

The hearts scarf from Iman and Beauty

All pictures are credited to their respective store.
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