13 Beauty Secrets from 13 Top Muslimah Bloggers

We read their views, watch their videos, we follow them, they inspire us and we definitely love to see what they wear!  Buttttt, there is one thing we still don't know about them and that is how they keep their pretty on. Since, we are such girls/women, we just have to know. Right? Of course, and the sooner the better. Hello! I'm oxidizing here. So, who to better ask then these inspiring and successful top muslimah bloggers to show us how it's done. They were very kind to let us in behind their blog screens to share with us their most intimate beauty secret that they will not go without. So, are you ready? Let's see what they working with.

1. Asma, from Haute Muslimah, has been blogging since 2009. She is also a blogger for Lucky Magazine and 3abaya.com

" My favorite new beauty tip actually comes from my sister in law! If you have any rough skin (elbows, hands, feet) try pure glycerin on it-  can be found at Whole Foods. It's actually used in many creams regularly, but if you try it alone, you can really see a difference in one day! It's natural food-grade glycerin, and it feels like oil. I know it sounds weird but it works for some people. I know people who use it on their face in place of cream, and I swear you can see their face glowing!"

2. Aalia,Princess Rocks from Hijabi With Style is also a hijabi stylist and runs a successful hijabi on-line shop, which by the way has just released a NEW collection. 

So what's her beauty secret?

"Well one of my beauty tips is simple, its to drink herbal teas such as nettle or green tea for bright skin."

3. Imani from LabellaIman(which translates to The Beautiful Faith) is also an artist, stylist and designer. Her mission is to inspire young girls and woman around the world by bringing their internal beauty outwards. If you frequent her blog, you will see everywhere a sign that  she often wears as a necklace. What does it mean? I just had to know. It stands for Beautiful Faith. Read more about it here

Her beauty secret is:

"Okay so my tip is for soft shiny hair! Mainly for curls, idk how it works for other textures  but, after washing my hair I pour a bottle of coca cola over it. That's right, drinking coke! Lol. I buy a 8 pack from Walmart (I don't drink it, ew). So after shampooing, ring the water out, pour the entire bottle of coke over your head. Gather your hair up on top of your head (or let it drip if you want) clip it, and let it sit for about 20 mins. Then rinse with cold water, condition, and you're done! Repeat once a week. The acid in the coke works to strip impurities from your hair and restore the PH balance. If you don't have coke you can use apple cider vinegar (it smells SO bad)."

4. Vajiha from Muslimah In Reverie is known for her great sense and creative style.

She has shared with us 2 beauty secrets:

"1. What I do about every two or three days is apply rose water to my face after cleansing. Currently I'm using a boots brand rose water and glycerin combination. It leaves the skin soft and supple, and instantly refreshed and cooled!

2. I don't go without curling my eyelashes. I've got quite long lashes, and they tend to irritate me at times if i don't curl them! But despite that, you can wear no makeup and just curl your lashes and the effects are instantly  you look wide eyed!"

5. Seyma from Hijab Revival uses her blog as a diary. How cool is that? She has plans to produce her own designs and her successful diary blog has an extensive collection of creative outfit posts and DIY projects along with pictures of her adventures. Seyma shares her beauty secret:

"I never really had a strict beauty regime growing up. It just wasn't my thing but there was always one thing I have used religiously and still do today and that is Vaseline or petroleum jelly as some might call it. I slather the stuff over my face at night and any time I'm feeling dry. It not only deep moisturizers but also keeps my skin as soft as a babies bottom. It is also recommended by top dermatologists!"

6. Yasemin or as we all know her YazTheSpaz! She is always smiling, is a superb make-up artist, hijab stylist, a complete inspiration to muslimahs and you definitely have see her one of videos expressing her artistry in cake decorating! And those who have met her describe her warm and upbeat.

 So, what's her secret in keeping beautiful?

"My number one beauty secret is witch hazel. It does wonders to the skin! I put it on my face every day in the morning and before bed to have a clean, toned and tightened face :) Best part is anyone can buy it at their local drug store!" 

7. One lady that sure knows her beauty stuff is Hafsa from the award-winning blog Muslimah Beauty. Her blog has received the below nominations and award MashaAllah:

- Procter & Gamble Beauty and Grooming Awards 2012 (Best Indie Blog Winner)
- Cosmopolitan Blog Awards (Best New Beauty Blog 2011 Nominee)
- Marie Claire Blog & Twitter Awards (Best Beauty Blog 2012 Nominee)

Hafsa's passion is beauty, hence her blog! It is dedicated to the inner and outer beauty of the muslim woman. It is rich in information about every aspect of our beauty needs. It ranges from recommendations, tips, and reviews from major beauty product lines. She is also planning to launch a line of bath and body products. In addition she has a Giveaway currently going-on to celebrate British Beauty Week. To enter and win £100 worth of beauty products, visit her blog. I would call her Queen B(beauty) and it is definitely a blog you have to mark!

So, what's this muslimah's secret?

"For me, my top secret has to be shea butter. I use it raw as a lip balm, melt it and add it to my hair conditioners for an extra bit of moisture, I mix it with argan oil for a rich eye cream and it's a great butter for dry skin too!" 

8. Zarrin from Ihijabi is an artist and her blog is dedicated to the 21st century muslim woman. Her art work consists of paintings, she also designs abayas. In addition, she holds weekly online halakas and organizes charity events like her current one here.

So, what is the beauty secret of this 21st century muslimah?

"Hmm secret beauty tip?? I'm not sure if I have any but I always use a face wash with exfoliating beads in the mornings because it helps clear all the excess oil & dirt from the pores, then I use a light hydrating moisturiser (simple) because my face gets quite oily so I need something light yet something that keeps my skin well hydrated.Making sure your skin is well moisturised gives you good skin in the long run both my maternal and paternal grandmothers beauty secret to youthful looking skin and keeping the wrinkles at bay is that they would always moisturise their skin ...but I'm hoping its a genetic thing (o;" 

9. Adviya is a co-founder of Hijablicious. Her blog is full soul in style and they make sure that it is expressed in every outfit post, hijab tutorials and reviews. They aim for muslimahs from all walks of life and have been featured in Marie Claire Magazine. They also encourage ethical fashion.

Adviya shared with us her beauty secret:

"I use Johnsons Baby wipes to remove my makeup,especially off my eyes. The wipes are gentle, mild, and almost like water which is great for your skin. Furthermore, a packet costs less then £2 so won't burn a hole in your pocket!"

10. The very well-known and pioneer of hijabi blogging in Australia is non-other then Miss Hijabi. She has been blogging for 5 years and has a very re-freshening "Keep It Real" approach in her writing that makes you want to come back for more. 

So, what's her beauty secret?

"My biggest beauty secret is a very simple (and cheap) DIY trick. Mix one tablespoon each of milk and gelatin powder (usually found in the baking aisle) together in a cup. Put in the microwave for ten seconds and then spread it across your face before it has time to set into a jelly. Simply peel it off when it dries. It is by far the most effective (and cheapest) blackhead remover I have ever found! I used to use those pathetic blackhead strips and it would take half a pack just to cover my face and even then they weren't that great at extracting everything or properly covering my nose. This natural remedy works so well that it even pulls out facial hair! Best trick I have ever used!"


11.Wafa is from the famed Love Hijabi Fashion Week that runs twice a year since 2010 and as they state "...where the models are everyday Muslimahs, from around the world! It was created to celebrate the modesty, diversity, and sisterhood that is inherent in the global Muslim community!" It is happening now, check it out here.

Let's dish in on her beauty secret..

"To help repair dry skin, scars, and/or uneven skin tone, try applying vitamin-e oil on a freshly-cleansed face.
I've started applying Basic Organic's "E-Ointment" nightly, and I've seen a definite improvement--not to mention, waking up to softer skin!"

12. Saman from Saman's Make-up & Hijab has been a model for leading Islamic shops such as I Love Modesty. She is also a make-up artist, hijab stylist and now has her own hijab on-line shop. Her latest feature was in Fashion Magazine as the boundary between Islamic and mainstream fashion.

She shares two secrets:

"Well one of my beauty secrets that I wont go without is my bobbi brown gel liner. I actually have two beauty secrets, the other is my nars blush "Taj Mahal"

13. Mayya is from The Sewist. She is extremely creative and has her own shop. You can find her creations at Sew Chic and Unique. We just had to share one of her latest beautiful interior design ideas.

 Other then creative and crafty, she is also a hijab stylist.

How does this muslimah keep beautiful?

"The secret to my skin looking so young is first my genes my dad and mum ma sha Allah dont look their age at all so alhamdulilah to have inherited that gene LOL however us ladies are well known to want to look our best at ALL times and i think i owe my beauty to finding out what works (what my skin loves) and simply sticking to it. For example i have noticed that ever since i started incorporating natural products such as Lemon and honey (my favorite mask), Almond oil (a great make up remover), Oatmeal as a face wash my skin has been glowing (seems like its thanking me for giving it what it needs LOL)

So i owe my beauty to natural products i love the fact that its natural and so effective oh and so cheap too!"

What's your beauty secret?

All images are credited to respective blogger.

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  1. The tips from Muslimah in Reverie and the Sewist put a smile on my face! My mom's the one that taught me about rose water & glycerin, and she's a big fan of natural concoctions b/c, as the Sewist said, it really does help bring out your natural glow, subhanAllah! :)

    ♥ Wafa of LoveHFW.com

  2. Nice to read all the tips! I noticed I'm not the only one with the glycerin trick ;)

    Great working with you Sadeel, great job, MashaAllah!

    1. Thank you and likewise, it was beautiful working with you and I hope to repeat it again in other fun posts. InshaAllah:-) p.s. Glycerin, I had no idea what it was until recently. I must try this on my hands after washing dishes. They get so dry! or maybe I shouldn't wash dishes..lol

  3. Brilliant post Ukhti! Jazaki'illahu khayr once again for asking me to take part :)

    All the tips are brilliant!

    1. It's you guys that have made it brilliant. I just collected the info:-) and thank you for taking part. It was fun! InshaAllah, we must work again together:-)

  4. some great beauty scerets there:) xx Mine has got me drinking lots of water.. pretty obviouse one but I personally can actually feel/see the difference when I neglect my usual big intake of water !

    1. Hi Soso! thank you for stopping beautifulz:-) and you are right on target with the water intake. Thank you for sharing:-)

  5. Som great beauty tips up there.. mine has got me drinking lots of water! pretty obvious but I can actually feel the difference on days I neglect my usual big intake of water !!!

  6. I like all the tips, thank you ♥

  7. Awesome tips, thanks! :) Just a word of caution though, I've become more and more aware of pork ingredients being used in cosmetic products. I know that both glycerin and gelatin can be derived from pork as well - so I would just try to make sure that if you're going to use these kind of products, they are made from vegetable sources instead.

    1. Thank you so much Fatima for sharing! It is greatly appreciated and kind of you:-) I think it would have never crossed the mind of some of us(at least me) Thanks!

  8. It's amazing to be part of this! I agree with Saman about Taj Mahal; that's my favourite blush from NARS!

    1. Thank you Hafsa for being kind enough to be part of this. It was fun!

  9. Sadeel this was amazing! I Loved all of the tips from these wonderful ladies mashaallah! thank you for posting this, and for allowing me to be apart of it!! xoxox

    1. You guys are amazing! and thank you for being fun and taking part. InshaAllah, we need to work on more projects together:-)

  10. Ma sha Allah what a great post i loved being part of this and meeting my fellow muslimas..
    Thank you Sadeel for asking me to share my not so secret beauty tips :)
    Lots of love always

    Mayya aka The Sewist

    1. Well, it's a secret if no one else knows that you are using it:-) lol Thanks for taking part beautifulz.

  11. Salam, Jazakallah Khair for the awesome post. Loved all the tips :)

    1. Wayaikom and thank you for stopping by and read our post:-)

  12. Oooh very nice tips mashaAllah =D I already follow most of these sisters and it was lovely to read their beauty tips...JazakAllah khair Sadeel for a fantabulous post and asking me to take part, it was fun!

  13. This was genius! Great tips and thank you for asking me to be part of it! Xx Seyma

  14. Love the tips.Apparently in india to keep their skin looking young they put coconut oil( a little bit) on their face and mango peels(rub on their body)-and it actually works!!

  15. Glad you liked the post and thanks Sadeel!! Love all our sisters <3 xxx

  16. Sweet Modesty, dear you really put a smile on my face. There are times that I find it hard to think about this Muslim ladies who have to follow certain rules and customs because of their beliefs. But now I can see how they manage everything, I could see how great and fashionable are they despite of their strict rules towards clothing. If you have time you, please take time to visit my site about muslimah. Thanks and good day.

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