REVIEW w/OUTFIT IDEA: How do you like your Écharpe à la Mode?

"Écharpe à la Mode is a small online scarf boutique directed and operated by a fashion fanatic. Each scarf is selected with ultimate respect to detail, dimensions, and design . At Écharpe à la Mode, scarves are featured to meet your everyday needs. From simple, solid-colored scarves, to textured, multi-colored scarves. We understand that each woman has her own taste and choice when it comes to fashion and we completely respect that. In the end, our promise is to provide our customers with nothing but elegant, classy and quality-rich scarves."  -  Ndaa Hassan

So, what does Écharpe à la Mode mean in english? mmmmm...I think fashionble scarf. I like! This is a new online boutique with a very chic flare. I had already seen a review done on this shop, so when Ndaa contacted me to do one, I was super excited! Obviously, I liked what I seen and from the views of the other review, I knew this owner takes her business personal and love it when people love what they are doing. It makes a hell of a difference when shopping. So, how does she compare to other shops and what was I shipped?

I think the choice of tissue paper really tells you up-front "Hey I'm a chic store and I will treat you nice" It is also appreciated that she took her time to write me this note versus just throwing in some items and have me write about them. This just shows she is beyond what I have to say and more of a help for me then her. Thank you Ndaa for the detail.

Are you excited to see the items? I hope so! 

Neatly folded and packaged.

I will tell you right-off-the bat, by the feel of them that the Cranberry love is of very good quality and the best of quality from the three and the others are of medium/fair quality.

Let's begin with the Ocean Blue..

The first advantage is that it has alot of fabric for good coverage and styling. It is airy and light, which make is ideal for spring and summer. Although you do have to becareful with pinning because you can easily pull it apart. The design is perfect and in trend now. So, very good choice! I would pair this up with something like this:

Next one up is 'Bubble Gum'. My first impression of this scarf was its color combo. It really gives off that serene effect. It is more delicate then the 'Ocean Blue', also alot of fabric to work with for good chest coverage and very airy and light for spring and summer. Both the 'Ocean Blue' and the 'Bubble Gum' have a cotton blend feel to it so it is good also to suck-up moisture.

Final one is the 'Cranberry Love' and this one is so amazing in texture and light in weight for a pashmina. Although, it might not be the best one for the summer intense heat, but a keeper for the rest of the year. This scarf is exciting! A muslimah needs to have two things in her life. A scarf and a scarf of this color. It is endless the combinations of outfits you can create with this staple one. It has a fair width and length as typical pashminas do.

On the overall, I really must agree with Écharpe à la Mode it really is more then just a scarf as their slogan states. Ndaa really takes the time to reach out to her customers and make them feel special without charging an eyeball, giving good quality along with good treatment. The design of her shop is very well thought-out. I really like her delicacy and patience in handleling matters as well. I think what sets this shop aside from the others is that you really get a feel of the owner and a connection. I didn't read any complaints on her site. She is also working with the community and will be featuring new scarf designs at the Compassion for Fashion Event June 15th. So, keep an eye out. Lastly, she has an awesome blog on fashion, which other bloggers have shared on her writings including me. That's alot for your bundle. Isn't it? really is.

Innovation: Good
True Colors: Excellent
Design: Excellent
Customer Service: Excellent
Shipping: Excellent
Product Quality: Good
Price: Good

Based on the scale of:   Poor - Ok -  Fair - Good - Excellent

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  1. Assalam O Alaikum,
    I love her collection. May Allah put barakah in her bussiness, ameen :)

  2. Ocean Blue is such a cute hijab. I love that material for hijab, especially during the summer, but it is so delicate so I always snag the fabric with the pin. Her store looks nice!