A HEAT-FREE Abaya for summer!

I finally found it! This summer I decided to throw-out the cotton and polyester abayas and go for LINEN! Why? Well, simple linen absorbs perspiration quickly and also wicks it away, and of course the best of all reasons, it keeps you cool. Now, the only down side of linen is that it wrinkles, but you know what? For me it is comfort over style when it comes down to surviving and with Ramadan during the middle of the heat of summer, a prepared woman is a wise woman.

This one is perfect. Light in color and an empire-cut, and of course a damn good price $50 and made in the U.S! Can't get better then that! You can find this beauty at Al-Mujalbaba.

So, what are you going to be stylin' this summer?
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1 comment :

  1. I have been wondering what to do too, but I think I'm just going to wear my regular abayaat, those that I don't need to layer and hope for the best. I think linen is too annoying, especially since I can't sit like a normal person in a chair :p I'm planning to wear hijab styles that doesn't require an underscarf, I hope maybe that will help inshaAllah. I noticed that Aab has some nice linen abayaat though. The peach one is very pretty. :)